UTV Camping

Enjoy UTV Camping with these suggestions from Clearly Tough

What to take UTV Camping?

We love camping. Even more than that, we love camping with our UTV. Getting away from everyday life and into nature is so rewarding. Being able to stay a while makes it even better. UTV camping allows you to stay in some of the most remote and beautiful places that otherwise might be difficult to get to. If you’ve never tried it, we definitely recommend it. Here are a few tips on making that first trip successful.

While camping with a UTV is much like camping in general, there are a few differences. The first being that you need to pack lightly. You won’t be able to bring as much with you. The second big difference for us is that we often camp in more secluded places with our UTV, so being prepared for the conditions is extra important. We have a few suggestions that may help make your trip a little more relaxing.

First, plan ahead and pack light. Be sure to check your machine thoroughly before heading out. This could save you a lot of grief on the trail. You will probably be heading somewhere off of the beaten path with your UTV, so be extra careful. You’ll need to keep this in mind when packing too. Forgetting something will make your trip a little rough. So plan ahead. Make lists of the supplies you’ll need and check them twice. You’ll need to balance being prepared with packing light. Only take what you really need, but be sure this includes all the essentials. Some ideas include: tools and repair items, a spare tire or tire repair kit, a battery charger, jumper cables, a tow rope, first aid supplies, personal toiletry items, cooking supplies and your food.

Second, prepare simple meals. The less you need to take the better, so make your meals easy. This doesn’t mean they have to be unappetizing. There are lots of good options. You can check out a variety of freeze dried meals. Some of these are much better than others, so we recommend doing a little research or experimentation before going. Canned food or snacks are also great options. Try to avoid food that has to be refrigerated or that takes a lot of preparation to cook. It’ll make your life a little easier on the trip.

Third, consider bringing a trailer. This will allow you to take more with you, and make your life a little easier once you get there. UTV trailers are available for both purchase and rent. Most are durable enough to handle trail riding. Some trails are too narrow or difficult for trailers, so make sure you’ve studied out your destination. If it is feasible, you’ll be able to take a lot more with you. Once you arrive, you’ll be able to unhook the trailer and be ready to ride, as opposed to having to unload your machine first.

Fourth, don’t forget to bring some toilet paper. Enough said.

Fifth, remember to enjoy where you are. Focus on the beauty of the area around you and forget about any inconveniences that may have come your way. Camping with a UTV can lead you to some of your most amazing adventures. The places you’ll see are phenomenal, so don’t forget to relax and take it all in. Come prepared, but don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy the wonders around you.