About Clearly Tough – Clearly Tough is an innovator with over 15 years of experience in plastics. We’ve studied UTV windshields and put our designers to work crafting the best product in the industry. Our combined experience in the plastics and outdoor industries gives us an edge in developing products that work. We create our windshields from the toughest materials available. Our design includes a highly versatile Velcro strap mounting system. This makes installation and removal easy, secure, and flexible. Our system also allows you to accommodate mirrors, rooftops, and other accessories by enabling you to move the attachment straps up or down or adjust the strap length. You’ll be able to go with a full, half, or no windshield in a matter of seconds for optimal comfort.

Above all else, we love our customers! We want you to enjoy your time riding as much as we do. Our aim is to help you have a fabulous experience on the trails. We try our hardest to create innovative products that allow you to do this. Our team of experts takes to the trails and then works to create the most accessible and most functional products around. We want you to have the best windshield on the market. We’re 100% devoted to your satisfaction.


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