The Perfect Accessories for UTV Riding in Cold Weather

Fabulous UTV Accessories for Winter Riding

The Perfect UTV Accessories for Riding in Cold Weather

Enjoying a Winter Ride

We are still enjoying some fabulous fall scenery, but colder weather is headed our way. It isn’t too early to start thinking about gearing up our machines to handle the wintery adventures ahead. During colder months you may prefer trail riding, hunting, snow plowing, or all three. Regardless of how you ride, you’ll want to enjoy comfortable and safe trips in colder weather. Although riding in the snow is pretty much the same as riding in warmer seasons, there are a few things you can add to your machine that can make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Here are a few of our favorite UTV accessories for winter riding.

Wench – Wenches are always good for getting out of sticky situations. We’ve found that they come in particularly handy in the snow.

Snow Plow – Make clearing your driveway enjoyable by adding a plow to your machine. This is a fun and useful winter accessory. You’ll clearly your driveway and sidewalks with ease.

Tracks – Putting tracks on your UTV will give you great opportunities for riding in the snow. They’re usually pretty easy to install and take off, and you’ll be able to drive through virtually anything.

Great Tires for Winter Riding

Chains – Throw a set of tire chains on your UTV and you’ll see a significant increase in traction. You’ll be able to get where you need to go in the slippery winter conditions.

More Aggressive Tires – A new set of tires will also help with traction in the snow. Whether they are snow tires or not, having a new set of treads will help you get around when it’s slippery.

Tire Gauge – While we are on the topic of tires, it’s important to remember that the air pressure in your tires will go down as the temperature drops. Keep a tire gauge on hand. Having slightly lower pressure can help with traction. But if it gets too low, you’ll run into problems.

Windshields – Being able to stay warm in the cold weather is definitely worth the investment. A windshield will keep all of that chilly air from blowing right in your face. Clearly Tough SXS windshields are optimal for this because they can quickly be adjusted to match your riding conditions. You can go from no windshield at all to a half or full windshield in a matter of seconds. They are so easy to install and adjust. They give you tons of flexibility.

Cab Heater – Having a heater is an excellent way to stay warm. These heaters capture the heat from your cooling system and send it into the cab, where it is needed most. It will make your ride much more enjoyable.

Heated Steering Wheel – Your hands are one of the first things to chill in cold weather. They will stay nice and warm with the addition of a heated steering wheel, making your winter ride a much more pleasant experience.

Heated Seats and Covers – Keep your backside warm as well with heated seats. With this addition, you’re guaranteed to stay a lot warmer than you would have otherwise.

Winter Riding

Lighting – It gets dark a lot earlier during winter months. If your vehicle needs it, add some additional lights to help keep you going and keep you safe.

Winter is right around the corner and will be here before we know it. But don’t hold back because of a little snow. Get out there and explore a trail or plow through some frosty drifts. With a little help from a few UTV accessories, the snow won’t slow you down this winter. Enjoy the season and be safe.