The Best Views – Our Adventures Seen Through a Clearly Tough Windshield

Views through a Clearly Tough Windshield

Where will your Clearly Tough windshield take you?

With summer in full swing, we’ve been hitting the trail and loving every minute of it. We get the clearest views through our Clearly Tough windshield and love what we see. Below, we’ve highlighted few of the amazing views we’ve seen though our windshield this year. We hope that you are seeing some spectacular views as well.


Our View from Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow has so much spectacular riding to offer. Of the many fabulous riding locations found in Southern Utah, the Sand Hollow – Sand Mountain OHV area was among our favorites. This area is incredibly beautiful, with approximately 15,000 acres of perfectly sculpted dunes. The large, open riding area is on top of a plateau that provides amazing views of Warner Valley, Sand Hollow, Quail Creek Reservoir, Zion National Park and St George. The terrain is mostly soft and sandy. It’s also loaded with red dirt trails, sand whoops, washes, and several sand dunes up against the red cliffs. These trails offer some of the most scenic areas in the world.


Our View from Moab


Moab, UT is home to some of the most stunning and scenic riding areas available. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, there is an incredible amount of trail variety to choose from. There are trails available for riders of all skill levels. Make sure to pay attention to the trail ratings and only ride in areas that match your skill level. While most trails consist primarily of Navajo sandstone you can find a variety of terrain including desert chaparral, forests, loose rocks, sand washes and even dunes. Riding the slickrock does not disappoint. Any trail you choose seems to have beautiful views and exciting adventures just waiting for you.


Our View from the Salt Flats

Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are one of the most unique natural features in the country. This beautiful area is fabulous for riding. The land is perfectly flat and is covered by a thick crust of salty soil. It looks like it is covered by snow. Riding the salt flats is an experience unlike any other. The vastness will humble you. To the north and west, low mountains break the view. To the east and south, it looks like flat land extends almost forever. While riding, stay on existing roads or areas designated for vehicles. Despite the appearance of a hard surface, much of the area is a thin salt crust over soft mud. It easily breaks under the weight of a vehicle. Also stay off the salt surface when it is covered by water. When wet, the salt surface is soft and easily damaged by vehicles. In addition, the salt water is highly corrosive and can damage your vehicle.


Our View from Bear Lake

Bear Lake

The Bear Lake Valley has hundreds of miles of ATV/UTV trails winding through beautiful mountains, making it a perfect location to begin a new adventure. Many of these trails will lead you through thick groves of pines, aspens and wildflowers. Of course, you can also expect spectacular views of Bear Lake. Discover the hundreds of miles of OHV trails in Logan Canyon and Bear Lake just waiting to be explored.

Bear Lake riding areas include:

  • Garden City Canyon to access US Forest Service trails in the upper parts of Logan Canyon.
  • Hodges Canyon & Richardson Fork to access US Forest Service trails along the Sinks Road in Logan Canyon.
  • Temple Canyon & Cottonwood Canyon roads to access US Forest Service trails and connect to Hardware Ranch, First Point and Tower Hill.
  • South Eden Canyon road and 6 mile trail.

This is what we are seeing though our high quality, scratch resistant windshields. The best part about these windshields is that they are so versatile. Even though the weather and conditions on each of these rides was incredibly varied, the windshield was up for the challenge. When riding in cold conditions we had the windshield in the full position. When it got hot we could switch it to the half position, or take it completely off in a matter of minutes. We absolutely love the versatility these windshields provide, but don’t just take our word for it. See what industry professionals have to say about our innovative approach to UTV windshields here: Dirt Toys Magazine RZR 1000 windshield review.

Where is your Clearly Tough windshield taking you? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your adventures on the trail.