Our dedicated team here at Clearly Tough wants to help you have the best experience buying a windshield for your side by side UTV!

We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to common questions asked about the Clearly Tough Side by Side UTV Lexan® Windshields.

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All of Clearly Tough side by side UTV folding windshields are handcrafted from durable polycarbonate material with a scratch resistant coating. Whew, now that you know that you can relax because you know you'll have the best windshield on the market!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Really. It just keeps getting better. The best materials at fantastic prices. You just stumbled upon paydirt! And we know you can’t wait to get out there in all that dirt and sand with those undriven roads calling your name--they must be explored. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied you may return the windshield within 30 days for a refund.

More reasons you’ll love our windshields...

Our windshields are the easiest to install on the market, which means you save time and energy. Because it's so simple to install, you’ll spend more time exploring, relaxing and having fun.

Handcrafted, precision fitting windshields look great and fit snugly to keep the elements out.

Quick customizations are possible because of the industrial velcro strap attachments. It's a snap to fold the window up or down as the weather and terrain change.

Expert engineering and thoughtful designs will make your ride safer and more enjoyable. One feature our customers like is the bend on the half size windshield which deflects the airflow. The same bend is found on the full size windshield lower pane so when operating in the down position, the air doesn't hit you directly in the face.

Vinyl and foam capping along around the edges keep the windshield from rattling or damaging the hood. The windshield looks finished and the capping adds a seal to keep dust, rocks and water out.

Made in America.

Before you use your brand new full folding Clearly Tough windshield for the first time, you'll need to install your hinges. It's a simple process that can be completed using the 10 easy steps below.

Tools needed:

Phillips head screwdriver or power drill Flat head screwdriver (a short one is prefered)

  1. Unbox the windshield and remove the wrapping. Keep the protective peel coat on the windshield until after assembly and installation.
  2. Remove the strap packet and find the bag containing the hinge hardware. It will contain:
    • 3 hinges
    • 6 rubber gaskets
    • 12 Stainless steel cap screws with Loctite
    • 12 Stainless steel Chicago screws
  3. Place the top of the windshield (the piece with a bend on both ends) on a large flat surface. Have the end with the hinge holes toward you with the lip pointing down.
  4. Take 2 Chicago screws and place them underneath the windshield through the hinge holes. Place 1 rubber gasket on top of the two screw ends.
  5. Take 1 hinge and place it on top of the rubber gasket with the bump facing upwards. Hand tighten 1 cap screw in each hinge hole.
  6. With the flat head screwdriver underneath the windshield to hold the Chicago screw in place, use the phillips head screwdriver to tighten each cap screw until the rubber gasket is slightly compressed. *Caution, do not allow any tool to touch the windshield directly. Only touch the screws*
  7. Repeat until all 3 hinges are installed on the top portion of the windshield.
  8. Take the bottom portion and repeat Steps 3 & 4.
  9. Turn the bottom piece around so the hinge holes line up with the hinges on the top portion.
  10. Line up the bottoms of the hinges with the hinge holes in the bottom portion. Repeat Steps 5 - 7

Clearly Tough products are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you’ll love our products. If for some reason you are not satisfied we will provide an exchange or return on product within 30 days from purchase. Clearly Tough pays for return shipping only if it was our error.

Clearly Tough will refund the price of the product but you'll be responsible for the shipping costs unless it was our error. To receive this satisfaction guarantee the product must be returned in unused condition and in it’s original packaging with all parts included. Any items not returned in new condition and in original packaging will be subject to a 20% or more restocking fee.

For more information read our complete return and warranty statement here

High quality polycarbonate material provides superior strength, crystal clear optical quality, and has a proprietary abrasion and UV-resistant surface. Polycarbonate has 250 times the impact strength of glass and is stronger than Acrylic too.

In fact, in everyday use polycarbonate is usually considered "unbreakable" while Acrylic windshields may develop stress cracks and eventual break. Polycarbonate is warranted against yellowing, breakage, coating failure and loss of light transmission and offers improved resistance to weathering.

Polycarbonate with a dual sided scratch resistant coating is the best quality windshield on the side by side UTV windshield market. If you want protection from flying gravel and rocks polycarbonate will give the best protection, look better longer and will last the longest.

High Impact Acrylic is stronger than regular acrylic and can be found under brand names such as ICI Lucite® and Acrylite®. High impact acrylic has good clarity with good impact resistance and is cheaper than polycarbonate. Acrylics are approximately 17 times more impact resistant than standard float glass while polycarbonates are more than 200 times more resistant to impact chipping or breaking than glass.

Both Polycarbonate and Acrylics are lighter than glass which can save on gas and cuts down considerable on the weight load.

Cleaning your Clearly Tough windshield regularly, using correct procedures can help to prolong service life.

Clean Manually

1. First wash all dirt, bugs, etc. off with water or mild soap before any wiping takes place.Get all sand, grit or sharp debris removed from your Clearly Tough windshield first so you don't scratch the windshield.

2. Then, gently wash windshield with a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge to loosen any dirt or grime. A small bucket of clean water with a tablespoon of common dishwashing soap works great. Avoid chemicals or cleaners which contain alcohol or ammonia, like common household window cleaners or automotive rain repellents. These chemicals may damage to MarGuard coating.

3. To finish rinse with clean water to remove any cleaner residue and dry the surface with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting.

Manufacture Recommendations for polycarbonate windshields:

  • Never use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaner on polycarbonate materials.
  • Never use aromatic or halogenated solvents like toluene, benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride on polycarbonate materials.
  • Use of incompatible cleaning materials with polycarbonate sheet can cause structural and/or surface damage.
  • Contact with harsh solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or hydrochloric acid can result in surface degradation and possible crazing of windshield.
  • Never scrub with brushes, steel wool or other abrasive materials.
  • Never use squeegees, razor blades or other sharp instruments to remove deposits or spots.
  • Do not clean polycarbonate in direct sunlight or at high temperatures as this can lead to staining.
If a something gets on the windshield such as paint, grease or glazing compounds, they can be be best removed while fresh--before they dry. Fresh splashes can be removed easily before drying by rubbing lightly with a soft cloth using petroleum ether (BP65), hexane or heptane. Afterwards, wash the sheet using mild soap and lukewarm water.

**For all mentioned chemicals consult the manufacturer’s material safety datasheet (MSDS) for proper safety precautions.
Scratches are hard to remove from polycarbonate because of it's surface coating which is designed to resist scratching. And if you try to power buff the scratch out you could remove the coating.

Scratches and minor abrasions can be minimized with high quality plastic polish such as Novus® or Plexus®. We suggest you test a small, inconspicuous patch of your polycarbonate windshield with the polish selected first. Follow the polish manufacturer’s instructions and if it works well, use the polish on the scratched area.
With polycarbonate being extremely impact resistant, if you have an impact hard enough to put a dent in your side by side windshield, it would likely not be reparable. And it likely just saved someone from very serious injury!
We recommend you remove the UTV windshield and store it while trailering your side x side UTV. The Department of transportation laws regarding towing can be confusing and vague, so we suggest you read and understand them before you haul and comply with the law. Remember that when hauling you need to keep yourself and property safe as well as the people around you.

Additionally, when securing your UTV for trailering there are many variables such as wind gusts, traveling speeds, vehicle orientation, etc… and each person will need to make decisions based on their unique situation.
Clearly Tough offers competitive shipping prices. You will get a quote depending on where you live and the method you choose. If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact our sales department at 1-800-393-5913 and we will promptly provide you with a shipping quote on your order.
We ship to Canada and plan to add other countries as we grow and there is a demand. To place an order to an international address contact us here to place your order or call 1-800-393-5913.

Orders shipped to an address outside of the continental United States may be subject to additional brokerage, duty, or international taxes, which is NOT the responsibility of Clearly Tough.com. Also, Clearly Tough.com will NOT be responsible for any brokerage, duty, or international taxes or other fees due for an order shipped to an address outside the continental United States.
For the convenience of our customers we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Orders are also accepted by phone at 1-800-393-5913
We do not charge sales tax on any orders outside the state of Utah.
Most orders are shipped within three business days from the time your order is placed but we do keep an inventory of the most popular models on hand so those will be shipped sooner. Please note we handcraft each windshield and If you're ordering multiple windshields it may take a day or two longer than normal.  We will notify you by telephone or email if there is a delay.
We ship via UPS. While we have no control over shipping times most shipments are received within three to seven days. If you require expedited shipping, please contact us by phone at 1-800-393-5913.
Once your order is processed, you will receive a UPS tracking number. You can track your order on the UPS Tracking page which will be emailed to you.
Keep the packaging for your side by side windshield along with the damaged product!  This is necessary to make a claim. Report the damage ASAP upon receiving the damaged product.

In order to file a claim with the shipping company they may want to inspect the packaging and damaged item.  Here are the complete instructions for filing a damaged package report through UPS.

Unfortunately, when the packaging has been lost or discarded, we can’t accept a claim because then neither we nor the shipping company can verify where the damage occurred. Claims must be made within 15 days after the package has arrived or they can’t be accepted.