The Best UTV Windshield Mounting System Ever

Best UTV Windshield Mounting System

Clearly Tough has the best UTV windshield mounting system ever!

Say ‘good bye” to brackets, clamps, bolts, screws and other mounting hardware.  Say ‘Hello’ to the best UTV windshield.   With our velcro mounting system there is no drilling, tools or modification required. Each windshield comes fully assembled.

Strap it on and go!

velcro strap for best UTV mounting system ever


A one- size-fits-all velcro strap is used to mount the windshield directly to the roll cage for a solid fit and attachment

What is velcro?

Velcro hook and loop straps have two sides. The rough side of is made of tiny hooks. The other side is made of ‘hairy’ loops.  Press the sides together and you have a strong attachment.

Best UTV windshield for customizing the fit

Our unique  velcro hook and loop system allows you to make adjustments to the fit of the windshield on your vehicle. When you use the old style mounting systems, because of the nature of the hardware, you have to attach according to more exacting measurements. With Clearly Tough’s best UTV windshield mounting system you are free to move the straps up or down and adjust the length of the strap to accommodate mirrors, rooftops, and other accessories. This let’s you get the windshield placed right on your side by side vehicle.


Best UTV windshield
velcro straps close up on best UTV mounting system


Best UTV windshield mounting system for strength

Velcro bonds are so strong, people have made full-body velcro suits and jumped on a  “hairy” covered wall to show how much weight and force it can hold. NASA  knows what a good system it is too and they use velcro in their space program. Each space shuttle flew with ten thousand inches of specially made velcro. They even had some velcro put inside astronauts’ helmets for a nose scratcher.


Best UTV windshield mounting system for quick and easy installation

Simple installation instructions:

  1. Place the windshield on the vehicle.
  2. Feed the free edge of the velcro strap through a windshield slot, around the roll-bar, then through one D-ring (leaving the other free) then fold back the strap back upon itself.
  3. The velcro strap is securely fastened when the looped side and hook side are pressed together.


One thing we do have to warn about!  If you are in a tactical situation the noise of adjusting the velcro may give your position away.  We’ve posted this video just in case you find yourself in that situation:)