Paiute Trail Jamboree 2015 has a Winning Formula

Clearly Tough raffle winner at Paiute Trail Jamboree

The Paiute Trail Jamboree in Marysvale, UT has a winning formula of rich history, beautiful trails, good food and down-to-earth people.

Located in the heart of Central Utah, three hours south of Salt Lake City, lies this historic town of Marysvale, UT.  Once a bustling mining town, Marysvale, UT sits on the mouth of the “canyon of gold” attracting miners, goldpanners, dreamers and thrill seekers alike by the thousands. Like many mining towns of old, gold seekers came for riches and left their mark leaving behind gold-less rivers and streams and abandoned mining trails. Still today, dreamers and thrill seekers flood the “canyon of gold” every August, to attend the annual Paiute Trail Jamboree, nearly tripling the population of Marysvale.

For these four days side-by-side and ATV enthusiasts take to the trail on those once abandoned mining trails. Linked with other off-road routes around The Canyon of Gold, these trails combined offer almost 2000 miles of trail systems. I was in awe as I discovered what the Paiute Trails were all about this year while I attended the Jamboree and let me tell you, I was everything but disappointed!  

UTV at Paiute Trail Jamboree in Marysvale, UT
Clearly Tough’s toy just entering Marysvale, UT


Everything about the Paiute Trail Jam was amazing! From the races and rallies to the campgrounds and food every event was well run and everyone involved was enthusiastic and it was a joy to work with them. Volunteers, attendees, vendors, sponsors and  everyone else involved truly made it the family-friendly, adventure filled week I was promised. Navajo Tacos and other delicious meals were served in the pavillion for the duration of the event.

Park entrance Paiute Trail Jamboree, Marysvale, UT
Entrance to the park where everyone gathers after the day’s ride.



Huge Pavilion at Paiute Trail Jamboree, Marysvale, UT
Huge pavilion at Paiute Trail Jamboree, Marysvale, UT

There are literally thousands of miles of OHV trails to ride at this amazing location and riders from all over the U.S. and abroad make this a must-attend event.

The Jamboree is totally free and open to the public for those who only want to take advantage of the open trails, parking and campsites. Other attractions like events, meals, raffles, and gear are optional and available at very reasonable costs.  There were some great prizes being raffled off and we even donated a Polaris RZR 1000 windshield to the cause.


Check out this picture of the happy winner, below.

Clearly Tough raffle winner at Paiute Trail Jamboree, Marysvale, UT
The lucky winner, Lloyd Moore. Congratulations!