Spring is here, and Clearly Tough’s Full Folding Windshield is a perfect fit.

Spring is the perfect season for a full folding windshield

Clearly Tough’s Full Folding Windshield makes Spring Riding Even Better

The days are starting to get warmer. Trees are starting to bloom and the snow is melting away. It’s finally spring, which means it’s time to get out and do some serious riding! Spring is such an exciting season. There is nothing like spending time out on the trail. Riding becomes very enjoyable with the added warmth and daylight that the spring season has to offer, not to mention having better access to trails.

Handling Changes in the Weather

Spring weather can also be really unpredictable. Temperatures vary greatly and stormy weather is something you can almost count on. It’s in conditions like these that we love the versatility of our full folding windshield the most. Changing weather is no trouble when you’re prepared. Clearly Tough’s full folding windshield can help get you there. The ease of going from a full to a half or to no windshield in just seconds is so valuable.

Hitting the trail early in the morning can be beautiful and refreshing. But at high speeds that crisp morning air can quickly chill you. We start our rides with our windshield in the full position, offering great protection against the cold breeze. By the middle of the day things start to warm up quite a bit. When we’re feeling the heat we want our half windshield. It takes us less than a minute to make the switch and we are on our way to more amazing scenery and enjoyment.

Clearly Tough has you Covered

Being able to easily adjust your windshield is an advantage in so many different scenarios. If it starts to rain in the middle of our ride, we’re covered. If we are going to trailer our machine for a long drive, we can remove the windshield in just minutes. If we decide we want to add an awesome new light bar to our vehicle, we can adjust our windshield placement to accommodate it. If we’re getting a lot of rocks and debris flipping up from the trail on our ride, we’ve got the safety protection we need.

Clearly Tough windshields utilize a versatile mounting system that makes installing, removing or adjusting our windshields simple and secure. Because the flexibility of our design makes it easy to adjust to unpredictable weather, you’ll be able to spend more time on the trail. So get ready for a great spring riding season. Clean up those machines and get them ready for the trail. Be prepared for the weather and enjoy the season to the fullest with Clearly Tough.