Is Your UTV Ready for Spring Riding?

Preparing your UTV for Spring Riding

Getting Your UTV Ready for Spring Riding

Spring is almost here. If you’re like us, the anticipation for your first spring ride is overwhelming. We can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the spring weather! But before you get out and hit the trail, it’s time for a little maintenance. Keeping your UTV well maintained will naturally increase the life of your machine. It also helps decrease the chances you have of breaking down or becoming stranded on the trail. We’ve put together a check list to help you keep your machine in its best possible condition this spring.

UTV Spring Maintenance Checklist

Battery – If you’ve stored your UTV all winter long, definitely take a minute to test your battery. If you left the battery in the cold without a battery tender, it probably took a beating. Give it a good charge and make sure it can hold it before hitting the trail.

Bearings – Since machines sitting over the winter can experience moisture buildup, it’s a good idea to test the bearings. Jack up your machine and give the wheels a good spin. Listen for grinding or any other rough noises. If something doesn’t sound right, replace the bearings.

Engine Oil and Filter – Spring is a great time to change both the oil and the filter. If your oil looks milky or discolored, absolutely change it before riding. Don’t risk damaging your machine.

Air Filter – Chances are, things got a little dusty over the winter. Take some time to clean and oil your air filter.

Fuel System – Gas that sits for too long without a stabilizer can separate and go bad. If you left untreated gas in your machine, drain the tank and carb (if you have one) and dispose of it properly. Make sure everything is clean and get some fresh fuel. You may need to do more than drain the tank if your old fuel was untreated.

Coolant system – Check the coolant fluid and make sure it’s the right color. Check the hoses for any wear and tear and watch for leaks. If it all looks good, top it off and you’re good to go.

Carburetor (if your machine has one) – If you didn’t drain you carburetor in the fall, be absolutely sure to do it in the spring. Get the old gas out of there and hope for the best. You may have some major clean up ahead of you and some possible repairs if you let it sit over the winter.

CV Boots – Check your CV boots to make sure you don’t have any tears. If you catch a tear early enough, you can prevent damage to your CV axle joints.

Tire Pressure – Your tires probably lost a little air over the winter months. Check to make sure they are fully inflated. And again, check for wear and tear. Look for bald spots or worn treads and consider replacing them if they don’t look like they are in good condition.

CVT Belt – Make sure the belt is clean and check for any cracks or other wear. Replace the belt if it looks worn or like it is starting to deteriorate.

Brake Pads and Lights – Check the brakes for any wear and test them to make sure they stop smooth. If they grab or vibrate, change them before heading out. Test your brake lights and turn signals to make sure they are good to go.

Your windshield is another thing to think about in the spring. Clearly Tough’s full folding windshields are perfect for spring riding. Spring temperatures can be unpredictable, and our windshields are so flexible. Use them in the up position when it’s cold or stormy. Then quickly fold them down to the half position when things warm up. They can be changed in a matter of seconds and gives you flexibility that you’ll absolutely love.

Well, there’s the list. Hopefully, these suggestions have been a good reminder for you. Taking these steps should help you get your UTV on the trail and running reliably for many rides this spring, summer, and fall. You should be all set for some fabulous spring riding. Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate. Be safe and have fun out there.