Winterize Your Side by Side: 11 Critical Things to Keep Your Vehicle in Tip-top Shape

Winterize your UTV

Do you ride your UTV all year round or do you put it in storage for the winter?

Either way the fall is a perfect time to do some maintenance to keep your UTV purring like a kitten. The weather is still warm and it is a perfect time to winterize your side by side.

If you’ll be driving during the winter you will want to keep your vehicle in top running condition so you don’t get stuck somewhere. If you’ll be storing your UTV for the winter, do the maintenance before you put it in storage.

Of course proper maintenance and storage are key to keeping your UTV running well and can extend the life of your side by side for years of great service. You winterize your side by side because ice can freeze parts and damage your engine, road salt corrodes the metal and cold temperatures may damage the radiator. While year round maintenance is necessary, winterizing your vehicle is critical.

Check List: Winterize your Side by Side:

1. On freezing days, check all fluids before turning on the ignition and then let vehicle idle and warm up before heading out.

2. Check the antifreeze in the radiator. There is an inexpensive gauge, which tells you if you have adequate amounts of antifreeze and if your protection is adequate. Not enough antifreeze can cause the liquid to freeze and swell which will damage the radiator.

3. Change the oil and filters. Cold air changes the viscosity of oil, making it flow less. Don’t overfill the oil system.

4. Clean and check engine-change spark plugs, check belts, spray silicone lubricant on all moving parts.

5. Put gas stabilizer into the fuel tank and make sure you have fresh premium gas. Before storing, run the UTV engine for 5-10 minutes so the stabilizer works through the system.

6. Check tires and tire pressure.

7. Wash your UTV. Make sure all dirt, oil, salt and other debris is removed. You can also put on a wax coating.

8. Wash your UTV windshield. You can store your Clearly Tough UTV windshield or leave it on after it is clean.

9. If you are storing for the winter, take out the battery. Store the battery in a location where it cannot freeze and do not set it on concrete. Remember to store it out of the reach of children.

10. Tarp or cover the UTV to keep moisture, dust and vermin away. It is best to store your UTV in a garage, remove the tires and place it on blocks. Critters love to make it their winter home so seal it up tight.

What is the eleventh task?

Enjoy the winter!