Winter Riding with a Full Folding Windshield

Full Folding Windshield Keeps You Warm
With winter on its way, Clearly Tough’s Full Folding Windshield is a perfect fit.

Riding as the weather cools down is an amazing experience. It’s such a nice break from the heat of summer. But the weather is a bit unpredictable this time of year. It can be quite cold at times. As the cooler weather heads our way, we are exceptionally grateful for our full folding windshield.

Full Position

Clearly Tough’s full folding windshield is a wonderful thing to have when the weather gets cold. The ease of going from a full to a half, or to no windshield at all, in just seconds is so valuable. Most of us will be out on the trail early in the morning. The crisp morning air is wonderful, but at high speeds it can be quite chilly. This is when you want your windshield in the full position. It offers great protection against the cold.

Half Position

By the middle of the day things may start to warm up. If It gets warm enough, you’ll want some airflow. You’ll want to switch over to a half windshield at this time. It takes less than a minute to make the switch. When in the half position, the Clearly Tough full folding windshield acts as a true half windshield. It is well designed and has a bend in the middle that directs the airflow up over your head. It truly is like getting two windshields in one.

Versatile Windshields

In addition to the cold weather, having a windshield that can be so easily adjusted is an advantage in several other scenarios. If it starts to rain in the middle of your ride, you’ll be able to stay dry. When the weather is exceptionally hot and you want a lot of air in the cab, you can completely remove the windshield and go without. If you ever decide to add a lightbar, mirrors or other accessories, you can adjust the windshield placement to accommodate them. If rocks and debris are flipping up from the trail, you’ve got the safety protection you need. And it can all be done in just a few seconds. You can easily get optimal riding conditions without taking long amounts of time to adjust your windshield.

For comfort and ease, the full folding windshield is the best option out there. Our Clearly Tough full folding windshields are clearly the best. Happy riding and stay warm this winter!