Fabulous Fall ATV/UTV Trails

Finding Fall Colors

Clearly Tough’s Favorite Places to Ride in the Fall

Fall is here and the colors on the trails are amazing. It’s the perfect time of year to explore some new places. We’ve put together a list of suggested trails that really bring out the beauty of fall. As you are planning your next adventure, you may want to consider some of these amazing locations.

Utah – Strawberry Ridge/Currant Creek Trail System

Strawberry Reservoir is home to a great trail system that will give you some amazing fall views. Ride from Strawberry Reservoir up to Currant Creek Reservoir, or head towards Strawberry Peak. It’s hard to go wrong here. You’ll find a great mix of pines, oaks, maples and aspens displaying some lovely fall colors. And if you have time, stop by the hatchery at the Forest Service visitor center and check out the bright red Kokanee Salmon as they run the river.  Strawberry Reservoir is located about 30 miles east of Heber in Utah.

Fall Leaves Utah

Utah – Gooseberry Trails

The Gooseberry UTV Trails in the Fishlake National Forrest are absolutely beautiful in the fall. The mix of maples, oaks and aspens provides some great red and yellow colors. The trail system offers some spectacular riding. There is a wide variety of terrain for all types of riders, but several of the trails have a 50” maximum width. You’ll ride through alpine forests dotted with several small lakes and beautiful views. The Gooseberry Trail system is just southeast of Salina in Utah.

Virginia – Spearhead Trails

The Spearhead Trail System winds throughout the one of Virginia’s most beautiful regions. You’ll find some stunning fall color here in the Maple, Ash, Elm, and Birch trees. With over 100 miles of trail available, there are all kinds of terrain and difficulty levels. Enjoy both the fabulous view of fall and the charm of southwestern Virginia. The Spearhead Trails system is located just outside of Coeburn, Virginia.

Minnesota – Spider Lake Trails

Traveling throughout Foot Hills State Forest on the Spider Lake OHV trail system is a great way to take in some fall color. Aspen, birch, maple and oak trees make up much of the forest and provide stunning fall colors. You’ll also find lakes, ponds, hill climbs and tons of gorgeous forest scenery. These trails are great for atvs and utvs. There is also quite a lot of primitive camping with direct trail access to be found. The Spider Lake trails are just west of Pine River in Minnesota.

Fall Leaves Alpine

Colorado – Alpine Loop Trail

The Alpine Loop Trail is one of the most scenic trail systems in Colorado. Seventy-five miles of trail and dirt road carve through the San Juan Mountains. This is beautiful in the fall thanks to the aspens, maples, alders and pines providing a lovely mix of reds, yellows and deep green. The trails wind through high mountain passes and connect the popular tourist towns of Silverton, Lake City, Ophir, Telluride and Ouray. Along with its breathtaking views, this area is also rich in mining history. It is perfect for exploring if you are interested in ghost towns and mine tailings.

Fall Leaves in Wisconsin

Wisconsin – Oconto County

Oconto County ATV/UTV trail system winds throughout the stunning woods and mountains of North-Eastern Wisconsin. This area is beautiful in the fall. The forests of oaks, aspens and maples rarely disappoint. There are over 450 miles of trail to explore. It is generally open from May through October each year but be sure to check the exact dates before you go.

Fall Leaves on the Trail

Idaho – Mackay

Incredible riding opportunities await you in the mountains surrounding Mackay. This area offers absolutely incredible scenery, including mountain passes and alpine streams and beautiful fall colors. You can explore historic cabins, ghost town sites, a railroad trestle and mining sites. Most of the roads and trails in the area have some switchbacks and drop offs which may make the area a little tricky for beginners.

Utah – Wolverine Trail System

The Wolverine Trail System is beautiful in the fall. You get a mix of bright yellow aspens and dark green pines. Throw in some pristine mountain lakes and you’re set for some stunning fall views. Lily Lake is beautiful. But if you’re up for more adventure, check out the trails over to Lyman Lake or explore Gold Hill. Some of these trails are tight and have a 50” maximum width. Others are quite wide, or dirt roads that allow for UTVs with wider widths.

We know there are many, many other great rides. Where is your favorite spot to see the fall leaves? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. We hope you are able to get out and enjoy your favorite places to ride, and explore some new and exciting rides too. Of course, you’ll want to have a Clearly Tough UTV windshield to protect you from the dust and rain!

Happy riding!
Fall Colors