What is the Most Common Use for a UTV

What is the Most Common Use for a UTV?

What are UTVs Most Commonly Used For

UTVs are versatile. They excel in so many recreational or work environments. With endless possibilities out there, we decided to look at what the most common uses are for a UTV. Here is what your fellow UTV owners are using their machines for.

Transporting Supplies –

When you’ve got work to do, whether it be around the yard or the farm, a UTV can make the job exponentially easier. Use it to transport supplies and equipment to the areas you need.

Errands –

UTVs can be useful when doing all types of tasks or chores. They’re even better if you live in an area where it is possible to make your UTV street legal. You can use it to run to the store or travel on snowy roads.

UTV Racing –

With several different types of races out there, you’re bound to find the perfect way to satisfy your competitive itch. You can hill climb, short track, or endurance race. Anyone of any skill level can find a race suited to them.

Hunting –

UTV’s can be hugely beneficial on a hunt. You can cover a lot more territory, take supplies with you that may be difficult to carry on foot, and access areas that may not be reachable otherwise.

Lawn Care –

Using your UTV to mow your lawn is economical, especially if you’ve got a big yard. Just pick up a tow-behind mower. It’s a lot more practical than purchasing a riding mower.

Snow Removal –

You can also use your UTV for snow removal. Purchase a plow and let the snow fly. You’ll be able to clear every driveway on your street in no time.

Camping –

Camping with your UTV can be a unique and exciting experience. You can get further away from the crowds and reach more remote areas than you can either car camping or on foot.

Recreation –

This is definitely the most popular use we found for UTVs. Whether you like mudding, dunes, rock crawling, or site seeing, using your UTV for recreational purposes will not disappoint.

Taking Care of Livestock –

UTVs make feeding, caring for, or moving livestock so much easier. Their versatility and ability to access remote areas will help you care for livestock efficiently and safely.

Accessing Remote Areas –

UTVs can get you places that a truck simply can’t go. You’re simply able to cover so much more ground in a UTV.

With so many possible uses for a UTV, it is impossible for us to name them all here. It’s easy to see why they have grown so quickly in popularity. What do you use your UTV for? Let us know in the comments below.