UTV Safety Reminders

UTV Safety Reminders

We’ve had an exceptionally cold and wet spring here in Utah, which means that we are getting a late start to hitting some of our favorite trails. Now that the weather is finally warming up, we’re more than ready to get out and ride. With all the excitement of getting back out on our trails, it’s always important to remember to stay safe. Here are some good reminders to keep everyone safe out on the trail.

1. Water

Bring water with you. You need to stay hydrated to stay safe and have fun, especially on hot summer days. And although we never want accidents to happen it’s best to be prepared.You never know if you will have to hike out, wait for a while near a disabled vehicle, or top off an overheated radiator.

2. Wear the Right Gear

Pay attention to what you are wearing when you go out riding. Be sure to wear all essential safety gear and a helmet. Long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, close toed shoes and goggles are all fabulous ideas too.

3. Tool kit

Take a few tools with you that can help you get back home if you’re in a pinch. Having some tools on hand that can help with possible repairs is an excellent idea.It doesn’t take much effort to put a good tool kit together.And it could make the difference between a fun trip, and one that is a struggle.

4. Drive Sober

This is an obvious but important topic, and it applies just as much to off-road riding as it does to driving on the highway. When riding you need to be focused on the trail and able to handle any obstacles or challenges that come up. Drugs or alcohol can severely impair your reaction time and judgment. It is never a good idea to drive under the influence.

5. Stay on the Trail

As fun as straying from the beaten path may sound, it’s safer to stay on designated trails. Avoid both highways and bushwacking as both present challenges and possible danger. It’s also much better for the environment to stick to the trails.

6. Follow Trail Etiquette

If you ride politely and follow trail rules, everyone stays safer. Learn proper trail etiquette and use it. And remember to drive at a safe speed, go slow on rough terrain and handle turns smoothly.

7. Ride with a Group

It’s never a bad idea to ride with a group. It’s always a safer to have others with you that can help if you get into a tricky situation.

8. Share Your Plans

Let someone know where you plan on riding, especially if you are going alone.Leave trip details with a friend or family member. Let them know where you are going, how you are going to get there, who is going with you, and when you plan on being back.

9. Make sure your machine is in good condition prior to your ride

Do a quick inspection of your machine before each ride. A brief look at your tires and under the hood can save you some grief on the trail.

10. First Aid Kit

This will help you stay safe on the trail for obvious reasons. Make sure yours is fully stocked and up to date before heading out on a ride.

11. Cell Phone

Keep a fully charged cell phone with you on any trip you take.There is a pretty good chance you will be able to find service in case of an emergency.If you travel in extremely remote places, it might be a wise to consider purchasing a satellite phone.

12. Wear your Seat Belt

As always, wear a seat belt.This is a must for any ride during any season.

Have fun this summer and stay safe on all your adventures.