How to Pack Lightly for your UTV Camping Trip

Packing Lightly for your UTV Camping Trip

While camping with a UTV is much like camping in general, there are a few differences. One of the biggest keys to a successful trip is being able to pack all that you need, and still pack lightly. You won’t be able to bring as much with you as you would if you were traditional camping. Here are some ideas on how to pack lightly for a UTV camping trip.

Pack only the things you absolutely need – You’ll need to be picky when deciding what to take. Make a list of everything you’re thinking about taking, then cut it in half. Only take what you really need, but be sure this includes all the essentials.

Don’t pack more clothing than you actually need – This doesn’t mean leave the cold weather clothing and rain gear home. Depending on the conditions you’ll be in, you’ll need to be prepared. But you still may be able to get away with packing much less than you think. Pack casual, comfortable and versatile items.

Limit the number of specific or specialty items you bring – Think twice about bringing something that is really specific, or has a really limited use. Personally, we are always tempted to bring every single outdoor toy we have with us on a trip. They’re all just so much fun. But we’ve found that when we pack so many things to do, we end up frustrated that we didn’t have enough time to use it all. It usually works out better to keep the specialty items to a minimum and enjoy the company we’re with and nature around us, rather than trying to fit everything in.

Pack ahead of time and plan ahead – If you put off packing to the very last minute, you’ll probably stuff way too much stuff in your bag out of panic. Pack a day or two before you head out. Plan ahead. Make lists of the supplies you’ll need and check them twice. Forgetting something will make your trip a little rough, as you probably won’t be camping right next to the grocery store. Put some effort into making sure you’ve got everything you need.

Don’t skimp on safety – We often camp in more secluded places with our UTV, so being prepared for the conditions is extra important. You’ll need to balance being prepared with packing light. Don’t go too light when it comes to safety. Also, be sure to check your machine thoroughly before heading out. This could save you a lot of grief on the trail. Again, we usually go remote with our UTV camping so be extra careful.

Bring A FEW fun things too – We’re packing light, but we still want to have fun. Feel free to bring something extra if it will make your trip more enjoyable. Binoculars for birding, stargazing books, water toys… whatever speaks to you. But again, don’t bring too many items that would fit into this category.

We have a lot of ideas on what to bring. But you’ll have your own list of items that best fit what you plan on doing during your trip. Just go light. You’ll be glad you did. And remember to enjoy the beauty of the place you are camping in, as well as the company of the people you are camping with.