The Ultimate UTV Lovers Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide for UTV Lovers - Great Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for UTV lovers

The holidays are here, and you may be looking for the perfect gift for that UTV enthusiast in your life. Or you may be that UTV enthusiast and you’re hoping to find something perfect for yourself. (Go ahead. We won’t judge.) Either way, here are some great gift ideas for those of us out hitting the trail. Feel free to use our gift guide, full of items that we wish we had ourselves, for help finding that special gift.


Light bar – Does your UTV lover like to ride a night? A LED light bar can brighten the trail and make those late night rides much more enjoyable. LED lights can be purchased in several different sizes and color tones. Some offer color changing options, which can be especially useful for hunters.

Riding Socks


Warm Riding Socks – Keep your loved ones toes warm this winter with a thick pair of riding socks. They’ll be able to stay out on the trail longer if they can keep their feet warm and dry. A nice think pair of winter socks does the trick nicely, and makes a great gift.

UTV Gear Bag


Gear Bag – If they don’t already have one, a gear bag that mounts to your side by side or ATV is incredibly useful. These come in several options that can mount to the back of your vehicle, or to the back of your seats. They also have smaller options that can mount to the inside of your doors.

Clearly Tough UTV Windshield


Windshield – We can help you out with this one. Windshields can keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from rocks or other flying debris. Clearly Tough windshields are the best. They are scratch resistant, easy to install and affordable.

UTV Fire Extinguisher and Mount


Fire Extinguisher and Quick Release Mount – A perfect gift for the safety minded rider. Having a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible on hand is a great idea. Be prepared for emergency situations with this awesome gift.

Rear View Mirrors for UTVs


Mirrors – Rear view and side mirrors make a great addition to any SXS. It is so nice to be able to see everything behind you without looking over your shoulder. These kits are fairly affordable and are usually pretty easy to install.

Spare UTV Tire and Mount


Spare Tire and Mount – Having a spare tire on hand could get your UTV rider out of some tricky situations. You can find some great options available for both the tire and for ways to mount it to the vehicle. You also may want to consider a jack, so that they can change the tire when they need.

Blue Tooth Audio System


Blue Tooth Audio System – Does your UTV lover like listening to tunes on the trail? Blue tooth audio systems make your ride crazy fun. They come in all sorts of size, mounting and sound quality options. Find the one that’s right for your rider and rock this Christmas.

Graphics Kits for UTVs


Graphics kit – Want to ride in style? Consider getting them a wrap kit to spice up their ride. Graphics kits are available in numerous colors and designs. From stickers and decals to full vehicle wraps, you’re sure to find one that fits your UTV rider’s style.

Blue Tooth Helmet Intercom System


Intercom system – Being able to communicate on the trail is incredibly useful. Riding can be quite noise and you spend a lot of your time yelling. A helmet intercom system can make a ride much more enjoyable. Blue tooth systems are fabulous. Consider one with a radio if you want to communicate from machine to machine.

UTV Riding Gloves


Gloves – Riding gloves can help keep riders warm on frosty winter days. Fingers are one of the first things to get cold on a chilly day. Having a good pair of gloves is crucial for a comfortable ride and an excellent idea for a gift.

Maximum Strength Hand Cleaner


Hand cleaners – If your UTV lover works on their machine very often, they’re bound to get their hands dirty. Consider something to help get all that dirt and grime off easily. This is an incredibly useful gift for all those who are hands on with their rides.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover


Heated Steering Wheel Cover – Keep those frosty hands warm with a heated steering wheel cover. These are sure to keep them riding longer on cold winter days. Your hands and feet are always the first things to get cold, so keep them warm with a little extra heat.



GoPro – GoPro’s are cool and make a ride more exciting. So how could you go wrong with this gift? Let your rider record their crazy adventures and share them with others. There are lots of different models to choose from, and they can be mounted right to their machine.

Plows for UTVs


Plow – If you’re in a snowy area, a plow could be a really useful addition to their machine. Have your driveway and walk (and everyone else’s driveways and walks) cleared in no time. Plows make snow removal exceptionally fun.

Tool Kits for UTVs


Tool Kit – It’s never a bad idea to have a tool kit on you when you’re riding. This can be an added safety feature as well as a great gift. You never know when they’ll need to make some adjustments or repairs during a ride. This is just a great idea.


Well, there you have it. Hopefully this list sparks some ideas for the UTV riders in your life. We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday, and get some great riding in while you’re at it. Happy Holidays from Clearly Tough!