Our Top 10 Favorite Places to Ride

Clearly Toughs Favorite Places to Ride - 10 Amazing Rides to add to your Bucket List

Clearly Tough’s Top Ten Favorite Places to Ride

We are in the peak of our riding season here at Clearly Tough. Finding new rides and exploring new areas is one of our favorite parts of summer. With so many beautiful and amazing trails to choose from, it’s hard to make a list. Never the less, here are some of our favorite places to ride; a few we’ve traveled many times and others that are on our bucket list. It’s a great time to start planning your next adventure and here are some great locations you may want to consider.

Moab Ride

Utah – Moab

Perhaps the most popular place to ride in Utah, Moab offers endless options for off-road fun. This area has hundreds of miles of red rock trail ranging in skill level from easy to extremely difficult. While most trails go over hard rock, you can also find plenty of sand and hardpacked surfaces to ride on. Some of the more popular trails include: Poison Spider Mesa, Moab Rim Trail, Gemini Bridges, Chicken Corners and Hell’s Revenge. It’s also home to the Rally on the Rocks UTV Rally, which is held every spring. Find more info at www.discovermoab.com.

Oregon Dunes Ride

Oregon – Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

If you love dune riding, consider taking a trip to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. From Florence to Coos Bay, this 40 mile stretch is one of the largest areas of coastal sand dunes in North America. These dunes have several riding areas open to UTVs. Some of the more popular include the designated rides between South Jetty and the Siltcoos River, the Umpqua Riding area which has the highest and most dramatic dunes, and the large areas between Spinreel and Horsfall which offer varied riding opportunities. Explore the dunes with ocean views along the beautiful Oregon coast. Find more info at www.stateparks.com/oregon_dunes.html.

Paiute Trail Ride

Utah – Paiute Trail System

The Paiute ATV Trail System offers stunning scenic rides through the Fishlake National Forest. The trail system provides riders with an experience unlike any other. It runs through beautiful aspen groves, 11,000 foot ridges and slick-rock canyons. The main trail is 275 miles long, with over 1500 miles of marked side roads and trails. Riders are able to access the Paiute ATV Trail from a number of UTV friendly towns throughout central Utah including Marysvale, Richfield, Beaver, Fillmore and Salina. It also hosts a number of ATV jamborees throughout the year. For more information visit www.marysvale.org.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail

West Virginia – Hatfield McCoy Trails

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is one of the most popular in the country. Located in southern West Virginia, the trail system winds throughout the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. It offers over 700 miles of trail split between eight trail systems consisting of Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Indian Ridge, Little Coal, Bearwallow, Pocahontas, Pinnacle Creek, and Ivy Branch. Trails range from easy to extremely difficult in skill level. You’ll view fabulous scenery while riding from town to town and enjoying the charm of southern West Virginia. For more information visit www.trailsheaven.com.

Glamis Ride

California – Imperial Dunes

The Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as Glamis, offer some of the best dune riding in the country. Stretching out for 40 miles, the Imperial Sand Dunes have more than 20,000 acres open to ATV, UTV and dirt bike riding. Difficulty levels in the area range from easy to extremely hard. Some of the more popular riding areas include Competition Hill and Oldsmobile Hill. The season usually begins in late September and runs through April. It is a bit hot for summer riding, as it gets well over 100 degrees in the summer time. For more information visit www.blm.gov.

Maine UTV Trails

Maine – Maine Interconnected Trail System

In Maine there are thousands of miles of trail available for side by sides, ranging from woodsy pine groves to wide open plains. Its striking scenery and vast trail system make it a UTV paradise. Most of the trails located throughout Maine run through private land. Nearly two hundred ATV clubs have worked in cooperation with state agencies and individual land owners to create the trail system. On the Maine Interconnected Trail System you will never have a shortage of places to explore. The trails are open to ride from the end of spring until the end of October each year. Find more information at www.atvmaine.org.

Cumberland Trails Tennessee

Tennessee – Cumberland Mountain Trails

With over 600 miles of trail to explore, the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee provide excellent scenery and some remarkable trail riding. The area offers three major ATV resorts including Windrock Park, Ride Royal Blue Resort, and Brimstone Recreation. Trail difficulty in the area ranges anywhere from leisurely flat trails for beginners to difficult and technical trails. Whatever your skill level, you will enjoy riding the beautiful trails and taking in the magnificent views of the Cumberland Mountains. For more information visit www.rideroyalblue.com, www.brimstonerecreation.com or www.windrockpark.com.

Alpine Loop Ride

Colorado – Alpine Loop Trail

The Alpine Loop Trail is one of the most scenic trail systems in Colorado. Seventy-five miles of trail and dirt road that carve through the San Juan Mountains. The trails wind through high mountain passes and connect the popular tourist towns of Silverton, Lake City, Ophir, Telluride and Ouray. Some of the most well-known trails in the area include Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass and Corkscrew Gulch. Along with its breathtaking views, this area is also rich in mining history. It is perfect for exploring if you are interested in ghost towns and mine tailings. Find more information at www.fs.usda.gov.

Wisconsin Oconto County

Wisconsin – Oconto County

The Oconto County ATV/UTV trail system is over 450 miles of fully interconnected scenic riding. These trails wind throughout the stunning woods and mountains of North-Eastern Wisconsin. The trail system connects with systems in Marinette, Florence and Forest counties, allowing ATVs and UTVs to travel hundreds of miles without having to trailer. A few portions of the Nicolet National Forest are closed to UTVs, so make sure you know the limitations of your route when deciding where to ride. It is generally open from May through October each year. Find more info at www.ocontocounty.org.

Rally in the Pines

Idaho – Mackay

Incredible riding opportunities await you in the mountains surrounding Mackay. This area offers absolutely incredible scenery, including mountain passes and alpine streams. You can explore historic cabins, ghost town sites, a railroad trestle and mining sites. Mackay is also home to the Rally in the Pines, an ATV/UTV rally which takes place every July. Most of the roads and trails in the area have some switchbacks and drop offs which may make the area a little tricky for beginners. For more information visit www.visitidaho.org.

We know there are many, many other great rides. We hope you are able to get out and enjoy your favorite places to ride, and explore some new and exciting rides too. Of course, you’ll want to have a Clearly Tough UTV windshield to protect you from the dust and rain!

Happy riding!

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