Prefer a Full or Half Windshield? No Problem.

Full vs. Half Windshields

Full Sized Tilting Windshield

Full vs. Half

Choosing a UTV windshield can be tricky. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You have several options to choose from and need to know what type of windshield will best fit your riding needs. One of the most debated features we see when trying to choose a windshield is whether to get a full sized or half sized option. Full windshields help keep you warmer, protect you from rocks or flying debris and help keep you dry in rainy conditions. Half windshields allow more airflow for hot days, keep the dust flow in your cab down and may be easier to see through in muddy or rainy conditions. So which is right for you?

Why choose when you can have it all?

Our full tilting windshields can be adjusted so quickly and easily you won’t need to make the choice. You can adjust a Clearly Tough windshield in a matter of minutes to accommodate the conditions you are riding in. The Velcro straps are strong, stable and, best of all, flexible. You can have a full windshield, tilted down half windshield or take it completely off. And you can make all of these adjustments mid-ride. No tools are needed to switch them around, which means that you will be able to spend much more time enjoying your ride.

Adjust your windshield to fit your riding conditions –

Clearly Tough Windshield in the Folded Position
Dry, Hot or Dusty Days –
Use the tilted down – half windshield option for these rides. If you get hot easily letting the breeze through the cab will feel great. If your ride is really dusty and you don’t want all that dirt swirling around in your cab, fold it down or remove it all together. Half windshields have less backdraft and, depending on the design, can channel the airflow above your head as well.
Clearly Tough Windshield in the Full Position
Cold, Rainy or Snowy Days –
These are the days when you’ll be grateful for the option of a full windshield. Having a full windshield will keep you much warmer than a half or no windshield would. Not only will they keep you warm, you’ll also stay dryer in wet conditions. When it comes to safety, they offer more protection from flying rocks or debris than a half windshield does.

The beauty of being able to adjust your windshield.

Clearly Tough windshields can be adjusted quickly without the use of any tools. If your riding conditions change, you can quickly and easily adapt your windshield to fit your new needs. This will make your ride more enjoyable. The flexibility of our design makes it easy and will give you on more time the trail. You’ll spend more time exploring and having fun and less time fussing with your windshield. And that is the beauty of Clearly Tough.

Clearly Tough Superior Side by Side Windshields