Why do you need a scratch resistant windshield?

Is having a scratch resistant windshield important?

Why do you need a scratch resistant windshield?

At Clearly Tough, we only use hard coated polycarbonate material for abrasion and scratch resistance for our windshields. But why??? Many claim they are using polycarbonate. But not everyone is using this high quality, scratch resistant material. So why should you make having a scratch resistant windshield a priority?

Hard Coated Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate

UTV’s are built for use in rough conditions. This is part of what makes them so fun. They can get you to places that regular vehicles can’t. Windshields need to be as rugged as your machine is. If you use your vehicle regularly, chances are that you’ll run into rocks or other debris flipping up and hitting the windshield. You also need to be on the lookout for low hanging branches and other hazards, especially if you frequently trail ride. Make sure you have a windshield that is up to the challenge.

Choosing your Windshield Material Type.

Windshields come in a variety of different materials, including acrylic, plexi-glass and uncoated polycarbonate. Each of these products has its strength and weaknesses, but none are as well suited as hard coated polycarbonate for UTV windshields. Scratched Acrylic WindshieldAcrylic and uncoated polycarbonate scratch really easily. Some become so scratched and hazy that they are difficult to see through. You can scratch them simply by washing the windshield if you aren’t careful. Also, many of these materials lack the impact resistance of polycarbonate. If a rock or branch hits a glass or acrylic windshield, you’re in danger of cracking it. Some are more brittle and may crack at the mounting points. Hard coated polycarbonate is the strongest material available. It is 250x stronger than glass, and is incredibly resistant to cracking, breaking and scratching.

Uncoated Polycarbonate

At Clearly Tough, we only use hard coated polycarbonate for our UTV windshields. It is the toughest material available and minimizes microscratching and marring. Our high quality windshields are strong, safe, provide optical clarity and freedom from scratches. They are also UV resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures without showing signs of weathering. If you’re looking for a windshield that has the performance and strength to take on the most demanding of tasks, Clearly Tough is the perfect fit.  They will last a long time without scratching, cracking or breaking.

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