Versatile UTV Windshields

Versatile UTV Windshields

Versatile UTV Windshields

Spring is here, and with that will come unpredictable weather. We love to get out and hit the trails in the spring. But the weather can fluctuate quite a bit. Be prepared for whatever come your way with a Clearly Tough full folding windshield.

If it’s raining or snowing – Put your windshield in the full position and put the weather stripping in place to stay dry and warm. The full windshield will keep most of the water out. You’ll stay much warmer without all of that moisture coming in.

If it’s dry – When it’s dry you have lots of options. Go with a full, half or no windshield based on the temperature outside.

If it’s cold or windy – The full windshield will keep you warmer. In the full position, the windshield blocks out some of the wind. Shielding yourself will keep you much warmer.

If it’s hot – Fold the windshield down and let the air come through. Our full folding windshields are true half windshields when folded down. They are designed to direct the airflow up and out of your face. Having this extra airflow will keep you cooler on warm days.

If it’s really hot – you could take the windshield off completely and go without. This will give you maximum airflow.  

Clearly Tough UTV Windshields

All of these adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds. They are so easy to adjust, you can change the windshield on the fly. Our quick and easy mounting system uses Velcro straps to attach the windshield to your machine. You can easily mount or adjust your windshield to accommodate weather conditions.  You can also modify it to work around your accessories. Or remove it for storage or cleaning just as quickly.  The Velcro straps are incredible strong, so your windshield will stay tight and secure while in use. You really will be ready to go in minutes.

So get out there and enjoy some spring riding. If the weather changes, you’ll still be prepared. Don’t let the rain, snow, cold or heat slow you down. Check out our Clearly Tough full folding windshields today.