UTV Hunting

UTV Hunting Safety

Hunting Safely with your UTV

We are getting close to hunting season. For those of you who are excited to head out on your next trip, here are a few safety reminders to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Preparing for the Trip

  1. Make a Plan – As you plan out the details of your trip, make sure someone knows exactly where you are going, how long you will be there, and who will be with you. Be detailed. Share this information with someone you trust.
  2. Know the Rules and Regulations – You’ll likely have to deal with federal, state, and local regulations when hunting. Make sure you have the proper information.
  3. Service Your UTV – Of course, you’ll want your machine in its best condition. Make sure things are in order before you leave.
  4. Outfit your UTV for hunting – A winch and cargo net would go a long way. You may also want to consider a rifle scabbard or camo UTV cover. There are a lot of accessories out there, and many of them could be really useful.
  5. Check the Weather – Know the forecast and pack accordingly. If the weather looks too threatening, change your plans.
  6. Be Prepared – Take your first aid and emergency supplies along with you, so that you aren’t caught in a situation that you can’t handle. Also, make sure you are dressed for the weather and wear appropriate safety gear.
  7. Take the right gear – Take game bags, rope, and anything you may need to haul your game out if your hunt is successful. You also may want to take tools such as a GPS unit and compass to help you navigate during the hunt.

Hunting Tips and Tricks

Noise – UTVs are undeniably loud. And noise doesn’t mix well with hunting. Try to keep the noise down by going slowly and keeping your RPMs low. You may want to drive close to, but not directly to your final hunting spot so that you don’t scare the game. You can also modify your UTV to be quieter. Make sure it is running well and that the breaks don’t squeak.  Also, strap down any loose items or rattling pieces. You can use rags or pieces of cloth to help quiet a rattle.

Scout out Your Location in Advance – Your UTV will give you the advantage of being able to scout out several spots across a wide area. Know where you want to go before the hunt ever starts.

Be Mindful of other Hunters – You probably won’t be the only one out there. So be respectful of others and your surroundings.  Make sure to follow all the traditional hunting safety rules.

Stay safe out there and happy hunting!