Staying Cool in the Summer

This year has been crazy hot. It’s so hot that we’ve thought we might explode. But our UTV riding has been great, even as the temperatures climb.

One way to keep enjoying the trails when the heat is at its strongest is to have a great windshield. Your windshield will drastically change the way air flows around your machine. If you can keep air flowing through your cab when needed, the heat may not bother you as much. Here is some info on how airflow works with your windshield so you can keep riding even when the temperatures rise.


Full Windshields

Full windshields stop most of the air from entering the cab…. kind of. With a full windshield, air that would typically come through the front of the cab is blocked. The windshield pushes that air over and around the cab. This can make it swirl significantly and can create a vacuum in the cab. Air and dust may come into the cab from every other possible opening, including through the rear and in any door openings. This air doesn’t seem to help cool you down. And it can bring in a lot of dust.

We’ve found full windshields to be great when it’s raining or cold outside. They work best when used with a rear windshield that will help keep the dust out. But full windshields can make it more challenging to enjoy a summer ride. They limit your airflow so much that the cab gets stuffy and dusty, especially on a hot day.


Half Windshields

With a half windshield, you get some airflow through the cab, but most of the air blows right over your head. This air will help keep you more relaxed on a hot day, but it won’t hit you in the face or upper body. The air doesn’t swirl around in the cab as much as it would with a full windshield. However, depending on how tall your windshield is, you may notice a little air coming in through the rear. Also, if you have a four-seat model, your rear passengers may get a lot of air in the face. The air will go over the heads of the front passengers, then deflect off the roof and directly hit your rear passengers.

We’ve found that half windshields help a bit with cool temperatures. They keep you warmer than you would think. Half windshields also help a bit with hot temperatures. They let in a little air that will help keep you cool. They will let wind and rain into the cab, however. If you are riding in stormy weather, you’ll get wet. But if you ride in relatively mild weather most of the year, a half windshield is not a bad option.


No Windshield… Going Naked

Without a windshield, all the air flows through the front, then out of the back of the cab. Fresh air constantly flows through the cab, which is delightful on a hot day. Of course, this isn’t exactly what you want when it’s cold or stormy. This isn’t a bad option if you usually ride in warm weather and don’t mind a little wind. It’s great for hot weather riding.


Clearly Tough, Truly Versatile Windshields

The Clearly Tough full folding windshield gives you all the airflow you need to beat the summer heat. This windshield can be modified to be a full, half, or no windshield in seconds. Keep it in the full position on cold or rainy days. On warm days, fold it down and enjoy how the air moves through the cab. The bend in the windshield directs it up and over your head. This allows you to cool down without taking air right in the face. Or you can remove the windshield altogether and go naked. This will give you maximum airflow, which may be precisely what you need on a hot summer ride. With Clearly Tough, you’ll have the flexibility to ride in all weather conditions, including those scorching hot summer days.


Whatever you choose to ride with, we hope your summer riding is fun and enjoyable. Stay safe and have fun.