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Trip Review: St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Recently we headed north, to the great state of Idaho and the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. Here is what we found.

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes are perhaps the ultimate playground for UTV enthusiasts. With approximately 10,600 acres of white quartz sand that is sculpted into dunes that, in places, are around 400 ft. high, it easy to see why. The dunes are widely known for offering the largest bowls and smoothest free riding area in the country. The beautiful, white sand, accompanied by views of the Tetons in the distance and amazing sun rises and sets, make this setting quite stunning.

Our Trip Details

We stayed at the Idaho Dunes RV Park, which offered us direct access to the dunes. This was awesome as we could jump on and start riding directly from our campsite. No trailering for this group. This was also a great central location on the dunes. The larger dunes are on the west side, offering some seriously steep climbs. The dunes get smaller as you go east, and a great for beginners.

We tended to favor the larger dunes on the western side for riding. Choke Cherry, Dead Horse Bowl and Devil’s Dune were probably our favorites. These dunes are pretty massive. Let’s just say you’re going to need a whole lot of horse power to get up them.

We also spent some time in the eastern part of the dunes. The dunes in this area were definitely smaller, and not as heavily trafficked. It made it the perfect place for the kiddos to get out and play in the sand. We also enjoyed Egin Lake during the hot part of the afternoon. This little lake provides an excellent way to cool off and is a great place for a lunch break.

The weather was warm, but not overly so. It was around 80 degrees during the day, and in the low 50s at night. We had great weather and a great trip.

Planning a Trip of Your Own

There are several ATV/UTV rental places in the area if you don’t want to trailer your machine in. Some of which are right on the dunes. They are fairly reasonably priced and could be a good alternative if you’re traveling very far to get here.

There are camping areas at Egin Lakes. Also, Idaho Dunes RV Park and Sand Hills Resort are right on the outskirts of the dunes. Keep in mind when planning your trip that most of the dunes are closed in the winter for wildlife migration. The larger dunes are closed from January 1st to May 1st.

Here are some references for more information on the dunes:
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All in all, we found St. Anthony to be a fabulous place to ride. We’re looking forward to our next trip. Have you been to St. Anthony? If so, what were your thoughts?

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St. Anthony Sand Dunes
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