Snow Tires

Which Tires Work Best in the Snow?

Do you need Snow Tires for your UTV?

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to get your ride ready for cold weather. One thing many people consider is the benefit of having snow tires for their machine. While snow tires may give you an edge on freshly fallen snow or unmarked trails, most UTVs will do just fine on snow packed trails or heavily ridden areas. If you only use your UTV occasionally during the winter, good all terrain tires or mud tires will get you through the winter. However, if you ride heavily all year, live in places where it is really snowy or are using your UTV for your livelihood, you may want to consider a nice set of snow tires.


There are some definite advantages to using snow tires if you ride a lot in the winter. When you’re in deep snow, you want to stay on top of it. You don’t want to dig in or make a hole. In many ways it’s like riding on sand. Wide tires with paddles usually work well. Whereas deeply lugged tires usually dig too deep. Snow tires usually are made of softer rubber than other tires, which help them grip the ice and snow more efficiently.


There are also some setbacks to consider when looking into snow tires. First you’ll have to change your tires every spring and fall. This can be inconvenient and it can be a bit risky. You don’t want to damage your beads during the mounting process. It may be worth it to get an extra set of rims, which brings us to our second drawback. Snow tires are expensive. Again, if you’re not planning on riding much, consider all terrain tires. Not very many manufacturers make snow tires, so your options may be limited.


Here are a few choices to consider. Many of these are all terrain tires that work well in other conditions, but that excel in the snow.