My Polaris RZR Ride: Windshields Add to Comfort and Safety

UTV with no windshield

Paul is the Co-Founder of ClearlyTough UTV Windshields and rides his Polaris RZR side x side any chance he gets.

So, I went for a RZR ride to a friend’s house the other day. Actually, I was loaning my car to him and I had my teenage daughter, Coco, follow me in the RZR, then I rode back with her.

Once I’d handed off the car keys, I hopped in the RZR to head home. I’d forgotten I had taken the windshield off for a photo shoot, and I realized that it’s been more than a year since I had driven without any type of windshield.

I was shocked.

I’d forgotten how different it is cruising along completely exposed. I actually had to adjust my breathing.

When we got home I asked Coco about it. She said she had noticed the same thing on the way over. We had both grown so used to riding with our Clearly Tough windshield, that riding without it was a completely different experience.

The need for SPEED….

I can understand wanting no windshield, on occasion. If you’re just cruising around your property or neighborhood, having a completely open cab would be nice. Once you get any real speed, though, not having a windshield seems uncomfortable and is more dangerous. I like knowing that I don’t need to worry about any gravel or debris being kicked up into our faces when the windshield is on.

You’ll love how easy & versatile these windshield are!

I have to say, I really love riding with my Clearly Tough full tilt windshield. I can make the decision to go with no windshield, a half windshield (tilted) or a full windshield, and be ready to go in minutes. I don’t have to go searching for power tools or worry about losing any of the hardware. The strap system makes it so the windshield is on or off super fast.

So, no matter how you choose to ride, I hope you consider the convenience of a Clearly Tough windshield.