Do You Really Need a UTV Windshield?

Do you need a windshield for your UTV?

UTV windshields can be very helpful. But do you really need one? This is a widely debated topic. If you are trying to decide whether you’d benefit from having one, here are a few things to consider.

Weather Conditions

First, what is the weather like in the areas you ride in? Is it always hot and sunny when you are out? Or do you often ride in the cold or the rain?

Windshields can be incredibly helpful to keep you warm on a cold or wet day. They keep the rain and snow out of the cab. You’ll obviously stay warmer if you aren’t wet. They also help direct the airflow so that you don’t get a face full of wind, which naturally keeps you warmer.

If you ride in an area that is warm all the time, you’ll probably want more air flowing through the cab to cool you down. In these conditions, a half windshield, or no windshield at all may be a good fit. A half windshield will direct the wind up over your head, so it doesn’t hit you right in the face.

If you like to ride year-round and face both sets of conditions, you’ll want to find a windshield that can help with that. Windshields that convert from a full to a half would be a good fit. You can use the half function when it is hot, and you want the air coming in. Then switch it up for a full when the weather is cold.

Riding Conditions

In addition to the weather, you may want to consider what kinds of areas you’ll be riding in. If you’re on dirt roads or trails you may want some protection from rocks or other debris that can flip up and into the cab. A good strong windshield would definitely help with that.

If you ride in dusty conditions a lot, a windshield can help, but you’ll need to be selective on what type of windshield you use. A half windshield or a fully enclosed cab will help. But if you just have a full front windshield the dust may swirl in from the back of the cab. So that’s something to watch out for.

The Best of Both Worlds

You may want the best of everything and that is where Clearly Tough can help. We offer full folding windshields that are true half windshields when they are folded down. In rainy or cold conditions, you can use them as a full windshield. If it gets hot outside, fold them down and use them as a half windshield. Or, thanks to our Velcro mounting system, you can easily take the windshield all the way off. If you are thinking about getting a windshield for your UTV, consider Clearly Tough.