Clearly Tough at Rally on the Rocks

Clearly Tough at Rally on the Rocks

Rally on the Rocks

Riding through some of the most stunning and scenic areas available, we spent our weekend enjoying new trails and great company in Moab, Utah. Not only does Moab have some of the most amazing trail riding in the country, it is home to the Rally on the Rocks. This fun and exciting rally runs for a full week and is packed with trail rides, vendors, food, rentals, contests and more. We were lucky enough to be able to attend this year, for the first time. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, the trail network features a variety of terrain including desert chaparral, forests, sandstone monolith, loose rocks, sand washes and even dunes.

Riding at Rally on the Rocks

We got to experience new trails and old favorites at the rally. Every trail is surrounded by beautiful scenery only available in Moab. The rides included guided rock crawling or self-exploring on some of the most scenic yet technical trails in the world. There were rides available for riders of all skill levels. If you are new to the sport, most of the hard spots had an easy route around them. Capable trail guides were on most of the scheduled rides to help navigate obstacles and tell us more about the area. One of our favorite guides was the Moab Cowboy, who does tours year-round. Of course, you should always review the trail descriptions and ratings carefully before embarking on a ride. Only ride in areas that match your skill and comfort levels.

Enjoying ourselves at Rally on the Rocks

Poison Spider Mesa is one of our favorite trails. We like it so well, that we made sure it was sponsored by Clearly Tough, this year. We had giveaways, prizes and even held an installation contest, where the winner won a tactical flashlight kit. Poison Spider is a fun-filled combination of challenging obstacles and incredible scenery. Most of the travel time is spent on a loop that eventually reaches the rim. The rim overlooks the city of Moab and includes a spectacular panoramic view. The riding is just challenging enough to be fun without quite being a vehicle buster. It has become one of our most popular trails in Moab because of the fabulous scenery.

Enjoying the view at Rally on the Rocks

Our windshields came in handy during our rides. The thermometer seemed to be on a roller coaster ride, as temperatures ranged from the mid 30’s to the low 80’s. In the morning, when it was cool, it was nice to have the protection of a full windshield. During the hotter parts of the afternoon, we could quickly and easily fold the windshield down. We could also take the windshield completely off when we wanted to. The durability gave us needed protection from rocks and flying debris as well. We were definitely grateful for the flexibility and ease of use that only Clearly Tough windshields provide.

Rally on the Rocks was a great and exciting experience for us. We made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks so much to all those who work to put it together. We are looking forward to riding again next year.