Clearly Tough has the best UTV windshield mounting system ever!

Amazing Velcro

Clearly Tough windshields are mounted to your machine using heavy duty velcro straps. This occasionally raises some eyebrows. But it comes with an astounding number of benefits, and it is amazingly strong. Here is some of the history behind our choice in velcro and some of the reasons we stick with it.

Why did we decide to use velcro?

When we did our research to develop these windshields, we wanted to create one that was completely flexible and adjustable. We also wanted them to be durable and rugged. When it was suggested that we try velcro, we were nervous that the straps wouldn’t hold as tightly as traditional clamps and bolts would. We did not want to compromise the strength of the windshield. We ran several tests and side by side comparisons to determine if velcro had what it takes. Our results, the velcro bonds are so strong. The windshields attached with velcro consistently held up just as well in our strength tests as their bolted counterparts did.  We found velcro to be the ultimate solution.

Best UTV windshield mounting system for strength

The velcro straps stand up to the test of strength. Velcro bonds are incredibly strong. Just how strong is it? Several sources claim 2 square inches of hook and loop can hold the hanging weight of a person weighing 175 pounds. Our own tests show that it is more than up to the task.  Once you strap that windshield into place, you’ll have no worries about it going anywhere. Over years of use, velcro continues to hold the windshield snuggly in place.

Strap it on and go!

Say goodbye to brackets, clamps, bolts, screws, and other mounting hardware. With our velcro mounting system no drilling or modification is required. You can strap your windshield on and be ready to go in a matter of minutes. You can also adjust your windshield on the fly. It is incredibly easy to do. Fold it from the full position to the half quickly and easily. Or just take it off all together when you’d rather go without it. It is so simple to put back on that it won’t cause you any trouble at all.

Best UTV windshield for customizing the fit

Our unique velcro mounting system allows you to adjust the fit of the windshield to match your needs. You are free to move the straps up or down to accommodate mirrors, rooftops, and other accessories.  You can also adjust the length of the strap. This gives you some freedom and flexibility. You can add accessories such as sound bars, light bars, and mirrors without having to worry about the fit with your windshield.

At Clearly Tough we love our easy and convenient velcro mounting system and you will too.