The Perfect Accessories for UTV Riding in Cold Weather

Fabulous Accessories for Winter Riding

The Perfect Accessories for UTV Riding in Cold Weather We are still enjoying some fabulous fall scenery, but colder weather is headed our way. It isn’t too early to start thinking about gearing up our machines to handle the wintery adventures ahead. During colder months you may prefer trail riding, hunting, snow plowing, or all […]

The Best Views – Our Adventures Seen Through a Clearly Tough Windshield

Views through a Clearly Tough Windshield

Where will your windshield take you? With summer in full swing, we’ve been hitting the trail and loving every minute of it. We get the clearest views through our Clearly Tough windshields and love what we see. Below, we’ve highlighted few of the amazing views we’ve seen though our windshield this year. We hope that […]

Street Legal UTVs

Street Legal UTV

In our home town of Salt Lake City, UT, new legislation is going into effect that makes it legal to drive UTVs on the streets. You can now ride UTVs on most roads in Utah, other than major highways. This is very thrilling news for us! This excitement got us thinking about what it takes […]