2 Windshields in 1

Clearly Tough 2 in 1 Windshields

Choosing the perfect windshield can be challenging. There are a lot of different factors to consider. Conditions are always changing and you may find yourself wishing you had some flexibility. This is why Clearly Tough windshields are always the perfect fit.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when choosing a windshield is whether to go with a full size or a half size windshield. Both have their benefits and limitations.

With a full windshield, you get better protection from the elements. Rocks, branches or other debris will have a hard time finding their way into your cab. These windshields also offer great protection from rain, wind and snow. But on hot days, you may be longing for a little breeze. You might just want some of that wind to help cool you down. Also, having a full windshield can be rather dusty if you don’t have a rear windshield. The wind can kick around and enter the cab from the rear. If you ride in dry conditions, you may end up covered in dust.

Half windshields give you protection from the wind, but don’t completely block it out like a full windshield does. They allow some air into the cab, which is great on a hot day. Half windshields are typically designed to direct the air flow so that it doesn’t hit you directly in the face. They also give you some protection from the rain, debris and other elements. But they only cover you half way. If it is cold outside, or if it’s raining, or if you’re kicking up a lot of debris off of the trail, you may be wishing for a full windshield.

At Clearly Tough, we make choosing between a full and half windshield an easy decision for you. Our full folding windshields give you the best of both worlds. They provide protection from wind and rain in the full position, plus you have the option to fold the windshield down to a half windshield quickly and easily. It’s like getting 2 windshields in 1.

When folded, our full folding windshields are a legitimate half windshield. Our proprietary bend in the windshield adds rigidity and diverts air above you when in the half position. With a lot of other folding windshields you get a great full windshield, but the half option usually isn’t a true half windshield. The air flow often ends up being directed right into your face because there is no bend to divert it. With other “vented” solutions you often don’t get much additional air flow at all making your ride hot and uncomfortable. Fold out options sound nice, but the shocks can give out at higher speeds or in bumpy conditions.

With our full folding windshield, the folded/half option is designed to be as effective as a traditional half windshield. We’ve directed the airflow over you, giving you a nice breeze but not a face full of wind. The transition from a full to a half takes just seconds. Our windshields are super quick and easy to change.

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a full and a half windshield, consider Clearly Tough’s full folding windshields. They really will give you the best of both options. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Happy riding!