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Our Can-Am Defender windshields are made of scratch-resistant hard coated polycarbonate. This means no more micro scratches to block your view. You don’t need any special cleaners or microfiber cloths. Our premium scratch resistant coating will keep your windshield looking good for a long time.

Our full folding windshields are truly two windshields in one. They become true half windshields when in the folded position. We keep the airflow out of your face when in the half position. Because of our unique design, you really will get the best of both worlds.

You’ll be amazed at how versatile these windshields are. Install or adjust your windshield in a matter of minutes. You can remove the windshield for cleaning or storage just as quickly. Adjust them from the full position to the half position on the fly. You’ll be ready to go in minutes with Clearly Tough. Made in the USA.

Clearly Tough's Can-Am windshields are...

Scratch Resistant
Scratch Resistant

Virtually Unbreakable
Virtually Unbreakable

Easily Converts from Full to Half
Easily Converted from
Full to Half

No Bulky Hardward
No Bulky Hardware