Clearly Tough - Weather Strip Installation

Hi. I’m Renee with Clearly Tough UTV windshields. And I’m here today to show you how to install our weather stripping on our full folding windshields to help keep you dry in the rain.

So with your strap packet that you got with your windshield, there’ll be this nice little piece of rubber here. And this is going to help you and your family and friends stay dry as you ride on the trail. With this little piece of rubber here, you’re going to start by putting it on one end of this lip and just feeding it across like this. Make sure it’s nice and snug. When it’s on nice and snug, then you take it (the windshield) and put it back into the full position. Tighten it back down and you’ll get a nice seal right along that seam. And then, as the weather clears, you just reverse the process. Take that strip off and store it in your glove box. So now that we have this rubber right in this seal you’ll be nice and dry.

But for some machines, this seam is a little bit bigger. So I’m going to show you another option to use so that you and your friends can still stay dry. So, again, put this in the half position. You’re going to have your handy dandy rubber strip. Now this option is a little bit more tricky to do. So let me show you how to start it. Again, you’re going to start at one end and just kind of let that windshield crimp down on it and start feeding it directly in between the two lips of the windshield. Once you’ve got it nicely all the way to the other side then, again, you’re going to take your straps. Strap it down nice and tight. And it’s going to create that seal to keep rain out. There you have it. Your weather stripping is installed on your windshield and you’re ready to keep playing.