Clearly Tough - See What's Out There

When you’re out riding, you want to have the best experience possible. You spent good money on your machine. You have great accessories. And historically windshields have been subpar. Don’t spend money on a subpar windshield. You need quality when you’re riding. You need to be able to see what’s out there.

The number one complaint that we had from both dealerships and from customers, it’s this idea that “I can’t see through the windshield I have right now.” It can be a windshield that’s only a few weeks or few days old and if you’ve treated it wrong, or washed it incorrectly, or any number of things, hit some branches, you’re not gonna be able to see through that windshield, particularly in the mornings or in the evenings when the sun is hitting right square at you. You can’t see because of all of these micro scratches that are on the windshield.

So when we founded Clearly Tough we were looking for an option that would give people the most versatility and basically enhance their riding experience. If we were to build the perfect windshield, what it look like? And so we tried to kind of build a Swiss Army knife of windshields. We decided to only work with scratch resistant material. So it’s polycarbonate. It’s virtually indestructible. And it has a hard coat baked into the material. If a big rock were to flip up, it’s going to bounce right off of there. You can take a hammer or mallet and slam our windshield all day long. It’s not going to break.

The fold down functionality that we built into our windshields, it’s something that’s rather unique because we wanted to have a windshield that would go from a full to a half in a matter of seconds. We have bends in the middle that support the material itself. And then we have three hinges that are marine quality hinges that keep it in place. And we decided to do that so that we didn’t block the view. Again you want maximum visibility. You want to see what’s out there. As far as functionality is concern, you actually have two windshields in one. You have a full windshield and you have a half windshield. If you get hot, what happens? If you get cold, what happens? And if you want to take it off and wash it, how is easy is that to do?

People who own UTVs are very proud of their machines. You have people who love Polaris. You have people who love Can-Am. You have people who love Kawasaki or Honda. We offer windshields for virtually all makes and models. Next time you’re out riding, consider the windshield you have. Is it giving you the best experience possible? If you don’t have a windshield, consider a Clearly Tough windshield because it’s the last windshield you’ll ever need.