Clearly Tough - KSL Outdoors 2017 Interview

See Clearly Tough’s 2017 interview with KSL Outdoors. We discuss our unique and versatile products with Adam Eakle. We’re at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Salt Lake City, UT showing off our amazing windshields and roofs. Check out what makes Clearly Tough the best.
See the full interview below:

KSL Outdoors 2017 Interview with Clearly Tough

Adam:   Hi. I’m Adam Eakle with KSL Outdoors and we’re back here at the International Sportsman’s Expo looking for some new gear. And of course we ran into Clearly Tough. We met you guys last year? Paul:   Yep. Adam:   Startup company? Paul:   Uh-huh. Adam:   And things are taking off? Paul:   Yep. We’re doing great. We’ve…since the show last year, we’ve seen sales go up five hundred percent. It’s been great. Adam:   That means you have a good product. Paul:   We do, I guess. I mean we had to buy new equipment, actually, to keep up with the demand, which is a good problem to have. Adam:   Okay. This is Paul Schroader. And, Paul, last year you kind of talked. Kind of show me your product here and some of the new things you guys have come up with. Paul:   Okay. Now this is our windshield. Now what we found is that when you buy a windshield, after you buy a twenty-thousand-dollar machine… Adam:   Sure. Paul:   …you typically will buy a windshield that does not have a scratch resistant coating on it. And because it doesn’t have a scratch resistant coating on it, within a month or two you’re frustrated with your windshield. Adam:   Sure. Paul:   You can’t see out of it. Adam:   You can’t clean it because you’re scared to touch it. Paul:   Exactly, and it’s dangerous. I mean, we’ve talked to people who say they drive like this (looking out the side window), you know, so they can see their way down the trail. And so we saw that there was a need for this. We developed this windshield that, first and foremost, is scratch resistant. And then, it’s extremely versatile. It’s a full windshield when you’re cold, or when you’re eating the dust. And then it’s a half windshield when you get hot and want a little more airflow. Adam:   Renee, do you want to help me? We’re going to… show me what I’m doing here, Paul. Paul:   Okay. So you decide your cold or you’re eating dust and you want to flip it from the half position into the full position. It’s all heavy-duty velcro straps. They will make it so that within a matter of seconds, you flip it up, strap it on. You don’t have to worry about tools or hardware. And once it’s strapped on it’s not going anywhere. It’s super, super solid. Adam:   And this is a product you guys make right here in Utah, right? Paul:   Yeah. Right here in Murray. Just down the road here. Adam:   Okay. Very cool. What do… kind of, what are the lips for? The lips kind of just help divert the wind, I imagine. Paul:   Exactly. So it’s all about airflow. When you’re going, if you have one without the lip you’re going to get a face full of air. Adam:   No problem. Looking at this, and it looks like… it looks thicker to me than it was last year. Paul:   Yeah, actually, it is. We decided, this year, to add a heavy-duty line. So we still do the 3/16”, which is our standard line. A little bit lighter and easy for people to work with. Adam:   That looks at least ¼” or more. Paul:   Yeah, it’s a ¼ inch. So ¼ inch is are heavy duty line and it’s especially relevant when you have a bigger machine. If you have a bigger machine it tends to bow a little bit, and it’s not going to be a problem. It’s just an aesthetic thing. Adam:   Okay. So this one’s just a little stiffer then. Paul:   Yeah, yeah. It’s going to be a more rigid ride for you. So if you’re more comfortable with that you can do it on the smaller machines. But it’s more important when you have a bigger machine. It’s so wide that having that extra thickness helps. Adam:   And last year I remember you talking about the rooftop here. Paul:   Yeah, last year we did. Adam:   It was in production but you hadn’t perfected it, and now it’s perfected. Paul:   It is now. Last year, we had a solid roof and it had the racing stripes. It was pretty standard. But this year we actually have what we think is a pretty genius idea. When you’re out, and I have a fifteen-year-old daughter and she doesn’t like to ride in the backseat because she can’t see anything. So when we talk ‘clearly’ it’s all about visibility. And our visibility comes into play here with these roofs because when you look at it from the top, it looks like it’s solid. Adam:   Sure. Paul:   You get inside it and you notice that you can actually see through it. Adam:   Yeah. Paul:   It’s great especially when you… Adam:   You’re in a pretty, scenic area. You want to see the sights. Paul:   Exactly. Yeah. So we were down in southern Utah last week and to see the vistas was amazing, with these types of tops. Adam:   You could see the red rock above you and all that. Paul:   Exactly. Adam:   Nice. And you tell me it’s got some sun protection. How much? Paul:   It’s got one hundred percent UV protection. Adam:   One hundred-percent? Paul:   One hundred-percent. Adam:   And about how much? About sixty-five percent, you said? Paul:   Sixty-five percent shade because it’s got a mesh adhesive to it. It’s a special process that we figured out that makes it so that you’re getting most of the shade that you need and hundred percent UV protection. And so we rode all last week with them and we just love them. Adam:   That’s awesome. Clearly Tough, and is the name is for a reason. Why? Paul:   Exactly. Because it’s all about visibility. You can see. If you’re scratched up you’re not going to be able to see when you’re riding in it. Anyone who’s ridden on a machine where you can’t see out of it, it’s super frustrating. Adam:   And durable? Paul:   And durable. Adam:   Alright now. This is a demonstration you did for us last year. This is impressive to me. Yeah, how hard can i hit that? Paul:   You can hit that as hard you want. Last year I just whaled on it and couldn’t do anything. Adam:   Harder than that? Paul:   You can hit it as hard as you want. Adam:   Dude, I feel like I’m gonna break this. Paul:   You are not. Adam:   Yeah. That’s awesome. And that’s got to be a huge selling point for you. Paul:   Exactly. So you can imagine. Last week we were going through some narrow trails, hitting branches. You would hear that thump, thump, thump, thump. And if those branches come in through the front you’re going to feel it, you know. That’s protection from rock, dust, all of that. Adam:   Okay. Besides that, now I thought this was pretty important, this is say from my regular manufactured that I might find, right? Paul:   Yeah. Adam:   This is just plexiglass? Paul:   That’s actually polycarbonate, so it’s going to be indestructible like this one is. Adam:   Uh huh. Paul:   But it doesn’t have a hard coat on it so it’s not scratch resistant. Adam:   And yours does? Paul:   Exactly. Adam:   So I’ve got a pad here, a Brillo pad. I just hit that… I don’t know, how long did I do that? Ten seconds? Yeah, five seconds? There’s ten. Oh yeah, can you see that? Look at all the scratches. Now, I’m going to do the same to yours and you tell me it’s not going to do it’s not going to do it. Paul:   It’s not going to do it. Adam:   Hard as I can? Paul:   Hard as you can. Do that all day long. Adam:   Alright. I’m going three seconds…four, five… Paul:   So that hard code is going to protect anything. Adam:   Look at that. I could actually use that pad to clean it. Paul:   You could, yeah. Adam:   Yeah, I wouldn’t, but… Paul:   Typically, people say you need a microfiber cloth. You need special cleansers. With our windshield, you don’t need any of that. Adam:   Look at that… Paul:   We typically just use soap and water. Adam:   Those are brand-new pieces? Paul:   They are. Adam:   Look at that. Can you see that? Can you see the reflection off the scratches? Paul:   And that’s what’s frustrating you’re driving into the sun you see those micro scratches. You’re not going to be able to see. And it’s dangerous, frankly. Adam:   Yeah. That’s awesome. Any specials here at the International Sportsman’s Expo? Paul:   Yeah, we actually have a twenty percent off special. So if you come by our booth during the show, we have brochures that mention the special. And it’s twenty percent off any of the windshields that we sell. Adam:   And again, all these products are designed right here in Utah. Paul:   Exactly Adam:   Manufactured in Utah. Paul:   Yes. Proudly, U.S. made, Utah made. Adam:   That’s awesome. Very cool. Good seeing you again, Paul. Let’s go riding. Paul:   Alright. Definitely.