Clearly Tough - KSL Outdoors 2016 Interview

Adam Eakle from KSL Outdoors is introduced to Clearly Tough’s innovative UTV windshields at the International Sportsman’s Expo in 2016. These windshield have impact and scratch resistant qualities that are very impressive. They also are easily installed, and have a unique versatility that allows for full, half or no windshield in just seconds. Clearly Tough side by side windshields are of superior quality.
See the full interview below:

KSL Outdoors 2016 Interview with Clearly Tough

Adam:   Welcome to the International Sportsman’s Expo. I’m Adam Eakle with KSL outdoors. You know, what an exciting time. Spring is here. Everybody’s thinking of that next family vacation. This is the place to find it. People are also thinking about getting outdoors. And doing that, there’s also some great gear to help you along with the outdoors. Joining me now is Paul, and his last name is Schroader? Paul:   Correct. Adam:   Nice to meet you Paul. Paul is with Clearly Tough, a local Utah company. You guys came up with a really innovative idea. What is it? Paul:   It is for a windshield for your UTV. Now typically when you have a UTV, you have either full windshield on all the time or a half windshield on all the time. You don’t have any sort of in between. Adam:   Yeah. I’ve ridden these a bunch and you’re either a really cold, or you’re not getting enough airflow in the afternoon when you’re getting really hot. Paul:   Yeah. And I found that with my wife, we were going and she got super hot. What do you do with your windshield? How do you solve that problem? And so we came up with a tilting windshield. Now, there have been tilting windshields on the market before. We decided to go a step further and make it really, really versatile. Adam:   Will you show me how it works? Paul:   Sure. So you’re riding out. You go in the morning. It’s super cold and you’ve got your full windshield on. Everyone’s happy in the cab. It starts to get hot, so you pull over. You grab the Velcro strap. Open it up. You’ve got two on top. You fold it down. And we have a nice rubber seal over here so your hood is completely protected. Adam:   It’s that simple. Paul:   Yep, no hardware in the front. And then here, it’s just as simple as putting the strap that you are already using in the full position for the tilt position. Wrap it on. Bring it around back and strap it on. You’re good to go. It’s very solid. Adam:   Kind of describe this, a little bit, to me. You’ve got a little lip here. What’s that lip for? Paul:   This lip is so that the airflow is going to go up and over the passengers heads. Because typically what happens if you don’t have that, it’s going to be all in your face. Adam:   Sure. Paul:   If you look at a normal half windshield, that is in place. Now, what we’ve done is we’ve made sure that when it tilts down that air flow goes up and over the passengers, because a lot of these tilt windshields don’t have that. And so, yes, you’re cooler. But you’re getting a lot of air in the face. Adam:   I’ve also had a few buddies who have had these that I ride, elk hunters, with. And they’ve broken. How durable are these? Paul:   These are super durable. This is actually Lexan MR10, so it’s not only durable but it’s scratch resistant. Adam:   How durable? Come on now. Paul:   I can show you. Look. We have one, actually, ready to go. This is a the half part of it just for demonstration purposes. Adam:   Okay. It feels pretty durable. Paul:   It is. So basically if you had acrylic, or any other low quality material… Adam:   Do I need to stand back? Paul:   …No. You would think it would shatter, right? You can hit that all day long. Adam:   No kidding. Paul:   And it won’t break. Adam:   That’s awesome. How scratch resistant is this? Paul:   Scratch resistant. This is something, obviously, you can’t take a pocketknife to and run it across. Pretty much any material you do that with, and you’re going to get some scratches. It is MR10, so it’s scratch resistant. You can wash it, simply, on or off. I’ve had one for a couple of years now and all we do is spray bottle it. Wipe it down. And it’s good to go. Adam:   Nice. I noticed you’ve got some engraving. I mean you got Steadman’s here, and your guys’ Clearly Tough logo there. Is this something you guys can do? You can customize for somebody? Paul:   Yeah. Right now, we’re customizing for dealers. Any one of that the dealers that we’re working with that wants that, we would put that on there. We’re working on making that available to consumers as well. So if you wanted to put something really cool. It’s a special request and we’ll just add it on the price. Adam:   Yeah. Another thing that I’ve had. You know. I’ve ridden in four person UTVs before and the guys and gals in the back, they’re getting covered in dust because of the airflow. Paul:   Yeah. Adam:   You guys have a solution for that? Paul:   Yeah. Actually in talking to one of the parts managers, we were told that a rear windshield is a good solution for that. Adam:   So you guys, it looks like you’ve designed one. Paul:   We do have one, actually. And this is brand new product for us. Easy-on, easy-off like the front one is. And it is tilt as well. Adam:   So, Paul, in addition to the rear windshield, I noticed you’ve got something here on top. Paul:   Yeah. This is also one of our new products. You know, we want to make the same easy-on, easy-off versatility available for people with roofs. These straps are amazingly durable. And you try to pull anything off with the straps, it’s just not going to happen. Adam:   Okay. And the idea behind this is if you’re riding and it’s hot and the sun’s beating down on you, your wife isn’t going to want to get sunburned. Paul:   Exactly. Yeah. And sometimes, you know, I like to say you want to go ‘naked.’ If you want to go naked just take it all off. And if you’re taking it off, with a lot of the other manufacturers equipment it’s going to be really difficult. It’s going to take you a long time, and it’s a project. You know. You don’t want a project. You want to go out and play. So undo the straps. Put it aside. You’re good to go. Adam:   Okay, so what does a regular windshield cost that someone can buy from a dealer, that’s going to get scratched, that I can’t pull off and that doesn’t have a hinge? Paul:   Typically the non-scratch resistant stuff will run you a couple hundred dollars. Low two hundreds maybe? Adam:   Okay and how much for the hinged? Paul:   For the hinged one, this one here this is $329. And they go depending on the size of the machine, because the material is quite expensive… Adam:   Sure. Paul:   …Depending on the size the machine it will go up to anywhere, about $549 I think is our top price. Adam:   I’m spending 20 grand on a UTV, I want a good windshield, right? Paul:   Exactly. Yeah, I mean, if you think about going the cheap route, you’re going to have three or four windshields before a windshield like this is going to wear out on you. Adam:   Very cool. Do you guys have any specials going on? Paul:   We do, actually for the show. The whole time for the show we have a 30% off. So any of our windshields 30% off. And that’s the best price we’ve ever offered anyone. Adam:   That is a neat product sir, thank you. Paul:   Alright. Thank you. Adam:   I gotta go buy me a UTV, alright. Paul:   Alright. I’m sure I could find somebody to sell you one. Adam:   Alright. Hey, I’m Adam Eakle with KSL Outdoors. Come and visit Paul down here. Come and check out Clearly Tough. Pretty neat product.