Honda Pioneer 500 Installation Video

So you got your Clearly Tough windshield in the mail. Pull it out of the box and this is what we’re looking at. You should have the windshield itself and then a packet. It’s going to come with some instructions. And it’s going to come with a bit of extra weatherstrip that you can use to seal between the top and bottom portions of the windshield. And then the velcro straps that are heavy duty and keep it nice and tight on your machine.

So you just flip it up onto the hood. One person job. No extra tools required, which is kind of nice. Stick it on there. And it sits on its own while you get into the bag. Open it up and grab a strap. And what you’re going to want to do is make sure that the smooth side is facing you always as you’re putting these straps onto the windshield. You stick the one on like this. We have two d-rings and they are weatherproof. So you want to make sure you just tighten it nice up against there and then that’s not going to go anywhere.

You repeat the process on all of the upper slots and on the lower slot we’re going to leave one of the d-rings open. And I’ll show you why that’s important in just a moment. And you can adjust it as needed to get it nice and even with your roll bar.

And we’ll go to the other side. We want to leave one of the d-rings open. Again you have the double d-rings here. When you stick it in, you’re going to slide it up nice and snug against the roll bar and only do one of the d-rings. So now for the full position you’re ready to go.