Clearly Tough - Hinge Installation

Hi. I’m Renee with Clearly Tough and I’m here today to show you how to hinge your new full folding windshield.

So, first, take the top portion of the windshield and place it on the table. The top portion has this rubber gasket on top. Make sure it’s facing upwards. Next, in your strap packet you will have a small bag of hardware.

    This bag contains:
  • six rubber gaskets,
  • three hinges,
  • 12 Chicago screws
  • and 12 Loctite screws.

To start, take a rubber gasket and a Chicago screw. Place the Chicago screw underneath. And fit the gasket over the opening. Take a second Chicago screw and place it in the second opening. That gasket will compress and hold those Chicago screws in place. Next take your hinge, place it on top. Take a Loctite screw and thread it through the Chicago screw. Just a couple turns is enough. Take your second screw and tighten it as well. Then take a drill. The flat screwdriver goes on bottom, and the Phillips on top. Tighten until the gasket is slightly compressed. Make sure that the hinge is straight and tighten the opposite side.

Once you’re all done tightening these three hinges, the top portion is done for the moment. Next, grab your bottom portion. Have this contoured edge facing away from you, and this bend facing down. Grab a rubber gasket and a Chicago screw. Place the Chicago screw through a hinge hole. When this step is done, now flip the windshield around so that the hinge holes line up like this. Take your Loctite screw and thread it through the hole. A couple turns will keep it in place. Take a second screw and place it in. Again take your drill and the flathead screwdriver and tighten the hinge. And now you have your hinges all set up. You’re ready to install your windshield.