Can-Am Defender Full to Half Transition Video

This is Paul with Clearly Tough UTV Windshields. We’re here showing the Can-Am Defender full folding windshield. Sometimes you get out on the trail and you’re hot. Somebody in the cab gets hot with you. You’re going to go from the full position to the half position. We can do that here in a matter of seconds.

You just grab the velcro straps. Loosen them up like that. Then go to the other side and do the same thing. Loosen them up. They are heavy duty. And then once they’re loose, pull the windshield down. Lean it on the hood. We have a nice rubber protective seal there to protect your hood. You take the strap that is already on there. You wrap it through the d-ring that we left open, and tighten it up nice and tight. It’s going to put it nice and tight on your hood. If you extra straps, you just leave them on your roll bar for the next time you go back into the full position. And you repeat the process on the other side. And you are ready to go.

Same thing. The strap is already there. Wrap it through nice and tight. Strap here. Now your full windshield is a half windshield. You get a nice bit of air deflection here on this lip. And again nice and tight against the hood. It’s not going anywhere.

That is a Can-Am Defender full folding windshield from Clearly Tough going from the full position to the half position.