Can-Am Maverick X3 Full to Half Transition

This is Paul with Clearly Tough UTV windshields. I’m here today to show you the Can-Am Maverick X3 full folding windshield by Clearly Tough. I’m going to show you how to go from a full position to a half position in just a matter of seconds.

What you’re going to want to do, is you’re going to want to loosen the ends of the straps on both sides of the machine. Step to the other side, and do the same thing. And then you just let the windshield down. And what you’re going to want to do is, this is a unique machine. The way that we get it as tight as possible is to actually put that strap around this section of the body right here.

So you have something to work with right there. You have the two straps right here. You want to use the shorter one. And then you stick it through. That is going to have to have something to grab on to. So you stick it through like this. And then you tighten it up. We figured out how to get maximum tightness right there. Once you do that, that is not going anywhere. You take that extra strap. Wrap it up around the bar, and you can use it when you go back to the full position.

You do the same thing on the other side and you’re good to go. You grab that strap right there. Flip it around the rough side is facing you. Stick it through. Then you’re going to want to come down here. And you see, you can find a way right there to pull it tight. It goes through nice and easy. Then you’ve got something to work with. Again, the smaller of the two straps. You push it through, giving it something to hook on to. Go through like that. Pull it down. Then you’re just going to bring the two ends together. Do that, and it’s going nowhere. Pull that up. Strap it on. And you now have a solid half windshield. And that’s going from a full to a half windshield from Clearly Tough. Can-Am Maverick x3 full folding windshield.