Can-Am Defender Installation Video

This is Paul with Clearly Tough UTV Windshields here to show you the install of a Can-Am Defender full folding windshield.

When you get your windshield it’s going to have this package. It has the heavy-duty velcro straps in it. And it’s got a weather stripping in there that you can use in certain bad weather situations. I’m going to show you how easy it is for one person to install this windshield.

Now this is a pretty big windshield. But even with one person, all you need to do is stick it up on the machine. It fits down there nicely. Then you grab the straps in your bag. It’s probably easiest to lay the straps out or set them on the hood so you can have easy access to them. What you want to do is you’re always going to have the smooth side facing you when you install your windshield. You’re going to take that and put it through the slot, around and back through. You repeat that for all of the different slots. This this one happens to have 10 slots so that’s a lot of slots.

So we will do that quickly. One thing to keep in mind is that on the bottom slot you’re going to want to leave one of the double d-rings opened, because by doing that we can actually use it to hold onto itself in the tilt down position. We’ll do these other ones quickly and then I will show you the bottom slots.

Now with the bottom slots on the defender especially it’s pretty tricky because they have this triangle piece in the back which makes it nice and firm for the roll cage. But you have to be aware that you’re going to stick it through, and then find underneath there’s just a little room under there to stick the strap through it. You can see how that will slide right through there. And then you have to reach in and pull it through. Now that’s going to be nice and tight from behind there. And you want to make sure that on the bottom ones you only use one of the d-rings. So you stick it through and leave the other d-ring open. Nice and tight.

And then do the same thing on the other side. Once again because of the triangle you’re going to have to fish it through between the roll cage and the body of the machine. See it coming through right there. Pull it through. And then once again only a single d-ring is used on that.

There you go. You have it in the full position. You’re 100% percent ready to go. Stick your bag in the glove box and you’re good to go. That’s the installation for the Can-Am Defender Clearly Tough full folding windshield.